28 March, 2010

Bible Verse

"I am brother to dragons and companion to owls." - Old Testament (Job 29:30)

26 March, 2010

Ruha - Women of Night breathe forth the Breath of Life.

By Patrick Larabee

16 March, 2010

Prayer of Medea to Hecate

"O night, faithful friend of mysteries; and you, golden stars and moon, who follow the fiery star of day; and you, Hecate, goddess with threefold head, you know my designs and come to strengthen my spells and magic arts; and you, earth, who offer your potent herbs to magi; and airs, winds, mountains, streams, and lakes, and all you woodland gods, and all you gods of the night: Be present now."

-- Prayer of Medea to Hecate, Ovid's 'The Metamorphoses'

10 March, 2010

Salt, Sulfur, and Mercury.

By Patrick J. Larabee

Naamah, Consort of Tubal-Qayin, the Great Weaver Goddess.

By Patrick J. Larabee