28 January, 2011

The Red King by Mark Alan Smith / IXAXAAR

The Red King by Mark Alan Smith / IXAXAAR

New Release coming in February 2011 from IXAXAAR

Second Volume of the Books of the Trident of Witchcraft
- Gnosis of Lucifer -

THE RED KING by Mark Alan Smith

The Red King is the second volume of the Trident of Witchcraft. This substantial book reveals the true Gnosis of Lucifer; as the God who ante-dates the entire Christian mythos; which has been suppressed and hidden from man by organisations such as the Catholic Church for thousands of years. In the Age of Re-Awakening Lucifer steps forward as the Lightbearer who illuminates the way of true Wisdom and Understanding. He is the God who holds the keys to these realms and to those beyond. Lucifer reveals the destiny of both the soul and the incarnate form of man. The magickal work of Lucifer is the catalyst through which the power and gnosis of the Witch Gods may be attained by those who are able to balance the blackest Atlantean magick with the brightest stellar aspects of the Perfect Red King.

The Red King consists of the Six Books of Lucifer and returns more of the lost and previously fragmented gnosis of the Witchcraft. The First Book of Lucifer begins with the return of the true formula for summoning the Four Demon Princes, in manifestation, as gatekeepers and guardians to the kin of the Trident. The further work of the Toad Witch, beyond the initial rite itself, is explored and the gnosis of summoning the Devil's Familiar is revealed alongside evocational techniques which grant the adept the raw power of Lucifer to aid in the calling forth of the most powerful denizens of His realm. Work with the mighty Surgat yields the secrets of the construction of the talismanic Key to Lucifer's Kingdom. The remaining five books are the Books of the Lost Keys of Power. This knowledge must be placed back into the hands of man in order to restore the correct balance of power to the Path of Ascension which leads from immortal soul to Divine form.

The Book of Stellar Lore of the Horned God presents knowledge that is necessary in order to open gateways to the Eternal Realms. Within the Book of the Inner Keys of Knowledge the Pathways of Belial are explored. The Rite of the Masks of the Horned God Lucifer uncovers the Keys to the Gateway of Knowledge. The Lord of the Dark Star is met in the ritual exploration of His realm and pathways beyond the throne of Lucifer are illuminated. Pacts of the soul, in eternal devotion and protection, are made in the Book of Gateways to the Soul. This leads to the first encounter with the Kings of Edom; not those confused with the Witch Gods of the Qlippoth; the Dark Gods of the depths who rule far below the Nightside. The journey along the Path of Ghagiel initiates the adept into the Atlantean current as the origins of the soul of man and the fate of the first incarnate race are revealed. In the Book of the Depths some of the blackest Atlantean magick is given in ritual form. The Rite of the Unforgiven Soul teaches the method of summoning forth, and binding as a servitor, a black horror from the realms of the damned. The ritual summoning of the Four Horsemen is covered in detail in the powerful Atlantean work of the Elemental Talisman of Thaumiel's King.

The transmutational Path of Flame is woven throughout the entire book. This is the journey of the soul who quests for the Three Great Crowns of Divinity. The Sixth Book of Lucifer, the Temple of the Gods, culminates in the preparation of the soul for its total immersion into the Atlantean Universe. For those who have attained the First Great Crown at the Throne of Hecate, Lucifer ignites His Path of Flame in the depths which leads the questing soul towards divinity.

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The Red King will be released in one strictly limited edition of 999 standard copies and 66 deluxe copies.

All copies are hand numbered.

Regular Edition The Standard edition is bound in shimmering midnight blue cloth and embossed with the seal of the Perfect Red King of Sulphur. Printed on thick high quality paper and finished with black endpapers. Fifteen beautiful full page illustrations. This edition will be individually consecrated by the author in order to fully awaken the spirits of Lucifer within each book. 55 euros

The Thaumiel Edition consists of 66 deluxe copies bound in full, blood red, goat. Gold stamped with the seal of the Cardinal Crown of Thaumiel. Gilded edges. Thick endpapers. Dark red silk ribbon. Slipcased. The Thaumiel edition will each be signed and sigillised by the author with ink that has been ritually infused with his own blood before they are individually consecrated. 215 euros

Only one copy per customer of this deluxe edition. For pre-reservations, contact the publisher reservations@ixaxaar.com

These books are seeds of gnosis.
As with its sister volume Queen of Hell there will be absolutely no second edition or re-print of The Red King at any time.

The Red King by Mark Alan Smith