22 July, 2011

Descent of the Witches Fire...

13 July, 2011

A Soliloquy in the Night....

Listen not to the Voices of the Men of Un-Reason! Listen not to the Voice that issues forth from the Vile Mans Tongue! Listen to the Voice that speaketh not; listen to the Voice of Psyche whom dost reside within thy very Skull!

I will traverse the Inner Kingdoms; I will follow the Light of the One Star! I shall knell before the Altar of the Ancient One of Spirit. I shall raise my voice to the Heavens, even unto the very Depths of the Underworld so that the very Gods themselves shall hear these Words from Silence born.

Within exists a vast Empire of Lost and Ancient Worlds, these are mine by Rite of Birth. Let me seek and let me know the origins of Self, of the I inside; the very Essence of mine own Being.

My Head turns backwards: with an Eye blazing into a Darkness never seen by Human sight!

I pace the Circle in Reverse: I go back to the Beginning! By this Return, I meet my Ending!

By the Elixirs of the Sun and the Moon: I encompass my Self within the Coils of the Serpents-Twain, as ONE within the Light and the Darkness. I am the God and I am the Goddess: here in within my Body do They both reign in Unity.

May the Darkest-Light-Eternal shine forth from that which I am!

I go within to find the Reflections of those Things that are without.

Here I make my Oath to know!

That all things: here in my Body do reside. I am the Wind that sweeps across the Barren Desert to awaken, to arouse that which as fallen into a sleep Un-Divine! I am the Fire that gives Life to that whos Stars have grown dim in the War against Adversity! I am the Water that flows forth to quench tthe thirst of those that have been consigned unto the Pyre by those who lack Understanding! I am the Earth that shall lift up all that has ever been and will sustain all that shall ever be!

Here in this Place within the Sacred Precincts of Time and Space I mark the Point from which ALL shall flow. Here I am the King of my own Kingdom: to learn, to bless, to blight, to consecrate, to experience all of that which I AM!

The Soul is as Eternal as the Sun! Never does it wane in strength. It is only our Sight that betrays us. From my mouth flows Words of Truth. I speak with a Tongue of Fire!

I am here within this Present Moment: the NOW! No other exists but this.

All that I have ever been and all that I will ever be is manifest in this my Body. My Flesh is the Mask of my own Essence: a symbol when deciphered reveals Eternity. If "I" am merely a Mask of I, then all that I have become comes from I:EYE. Indeed there is no other but I! I is Eternal, yet given unto Birth and with Birth Death shall surely follow, yet still live the I:EYE. I am neither Past nor the Future - I am reborn anew each Moment.

The Pole dances with Possibilities-Infinite...in the Twilight of the Gods do I dance the Forgotten Paths.

Birth is the Beginning of the Dream and Death it's Ending, but there is THAT which dreams the Dream and fears neither Birth nor Death, but revels in LIFE - it is Eternal!

~Patrick John Larabee

09 July, 2011

Seeing the Unseen - being beyond the self - The Eye of the I

"To go beyond the veil is to go beyond the normal human condition."

All that is perceived in this world is seen through the eyes and the mind of he who beholds it, even my flesh is a part of this material Universe and as such bound by the same laws as is all matter. When one shuts out the outer world, whether it be through trance, meditiation, praxis, solitude or any of the other methods by which one can transgress the physical vessel, there is an immense pulling away from the outer which leads to an experience of the more inner spiritual levels of ones being. It could even by called 'The Journey of the self to the Self' which ends in the revelation and wisdom that is more or less our very own Daemonic Being, which literally encompasses us at all times, guiding, pushing, testing us.

And we ourselves are an expression, a manifest, incarnate reality of that essential, and yet discarnate, spiritual being, the Soul, the Spirit, the Daemon, the I as opposed to the 'I'. There are worlds beyond number, there are indeed even aspects of ourselves that we cannot fathom whilst being trapped within these clay-created bodies, these remnants of cast-off earth. To go beyond the veil is to leave behind that which is most familiar, ourselves.Verily, there is much that can be seen and experienced once we let go of the bodies that we hold so dear. In life we give so much to it and it is itself the most ephemeral of all the illusions.

Within this body, and while we are here, we are in the midst of what I call the 'sense-experience', constantly being bombarded by an infinity of stimuli, it is these very senses that allow us to experience this world, the world of the manifest. When we cross the veil at death, the senses of this body are consigned to the past, to the grave that is known as Mortality. Upon death we lose those senses that we have for so long held so dear, and yet in the true scheme of things we have only held them for a small fraction of our truer aeon-long duration of existence as spiritual beings.

After death there are no eyes with which to see, but an Eye that we use to perceive, no ears with which to hear, but an Ear that is receptive to the heavenly and infernal rhythms of the Astral, no mouth to speak meaningless words, but a Heart that utters all that needs and must be said, no hands to reach out and touch, but a Hand with we may come to grasp the entirety of the Universe.

When contemplating death, it is of paramount importance to come to a true realisation and definite understanding that as we leave this one world behind and reach out to embrace the other, we lose our physical bodies. Death takes all that is useless and leaves behind the pure adamantine light of the ONE. We are given a vehicle of burning light and sombre darkness, a true stellar body, which truly was always ours and never left us, but was trapped within the shackles of fleshly constraints, and it is the new body of stellar incandesence that enables us to carry forward our consciousness, our awareness, into another realm of existence that I have always called the Other-Side.

My entire body: the flesh, the blood, the bone, are all a part of this physically manifest universe, of matter, which in essense is a trap, a prison of sorts for the light of our beings, and yet it is also the one place where we are allowed to truly overcome those aspects of ourselves that must be physically manifest in order for us to do so. So indeed, it can be said that Life is both a blessing and a curse, for it is here that we learn and progress through our own trials and tribulations as spiritual entities within, as individuals playing out our microcosmic role within the Macrocosmic Game.

At death, the building blocks of my body, those things that the ancients connected to the elements of Earth and Air, of Fire and Water, return to the earth, it returns to that which it originally drew it's constitution, leaving behind the pure Spirit-Fire that is our Soul, the Eye of the I of the Self. When a spirit experiences this world through a body, an existent facet of the Un-Manifest, through the Flesh, it requires senses to do so, and yet Spirit itself, has the ability to experience through all of these billions-of-forms-of-being, such as when within the world itself it experiences Itself in, not just the form of the human-being, but as minerals, rocks, mountains, crystals, vegetables, plants, trees, herbs, and animals, insects, birds, everything, and of course, as stated above, even Man himself.

Spirit is not limited to or by the the physical matter of the manifest-Universe, it is truly a realm that is Imaginal, a vast Void-Abyss that contains and infuses all that is seen and unseen. Although there does seem to be some sort of manifestation process that occurs when the Light from the Absolute-Dark descends into the world of the existent darkly-lit abodes of Man.

There is within certain cults of the Ancient Worship a Four-fold Secret of the descent of the Light into the now, mostly fallen, races of the Human-being. There is a world of Spirit, a world of the Soul, a world of the Mind and a world of the Senses, impressions are sent forth by Spirit, impressions that have the ability to create, and Soul is formed, the ever incarnating and discarnating aspects of ones Self which is as a very shard of Spirit itself, and Soul, through the manifestation process of the Womb is then focused through the Mind of the newly developing individual self, and with birth is manifested within the 'sense-experience', also know as the physical, material universe.

And within this world, as an individual self, amongst other selves, I experience my world, seen through my eyes and conditioned by my mind and thoughts. The world I perceive is wholly mine and no others, no one else can experience the world as I do, such is our fate, such is our true aloneness, such is the truth of the solitude of the human-being. We each are unique and unlike all others, and as such we each shall see all that we see through the contructs erected and projected from our own minds and souls, we cast upon the darkness our own light and see all that is there within that light that we ourselves shine.

It is this very light, our own individual soul-light, that makes anything perceptable in our own, objectived-subjective world, and it is the very thing that tells us what it is we see, or sense, or feel, or think, or experience, and yet within the constructs of society we are also conditioned by our parents, our friends, our lovers, and others around us, even the communities we live in have conditioned us to certain forms of behaviour and decorum. The problem sometimes though is that what we feel and see and know as truth, is not always what the mass considers so, and hence the very true feeling of exile that is so often felt by those who act and live in accord with the light of the Spirit that abides within them.

The Eye of the Self perceives itself through differing levels of perception, each one unique unto itself and the world that it illuminates within the sphere of the Self, there is an infinitude of ways of looking at the world, or lack thereof, depending on whether one is open to or closed off from perceiving and truly being aware, for we truly are the only ones who either enlargen or diminish ourselves, we let the world and how we experience it either make us stronger or destroy us.

This Eye that resides at the centre of our being, at the centre of our Self, perceives and experiences and feel and records all that happens. In all modes of reality, of which there are many, the discovery of this Eye of the Self is the Key to experiencing any of them, for there are indeed worlds within worlds that we see only as fantasy, as mere illusion, when in fact they might very well be reflections of experiences of our Selves from within those worlds, for whether real or not, the Self does not discriminate like our lowly, smaller selves, it takes all of Itself and wastes nothing, all that Self experiences it takes as a real occurrence within It's own domain, this also mean that the Eye:I within you possesses the incredible ability to experience, by the simple visions of things, those very things themselves, whether they be worlds, or places, or things, or sensations, or whatever, all is real and possesses utility within the Sphere of the Self.

It can even be said that by living a fantasy we become that fantasy, by living a dream we become that dream, by our devotions we become and possess a fragment of that which we are devoted to. Hence the ever important rule of keeping a regular form of praxis, that with time will blossom as a rose, into a larger corpus of rites based soley on the gnosis from ones own experience with the Mysteries, thus revealing and encompassing a larger and more intricate set of working principles that govern our own magical universe.

There are 'states' of concsiousness that are outside of what one would normally term the 'human' consciousness, or state of being, for indeed being human is only one small fragment of what our Selves truly are. Many of these 'states' are closer in degree to what is commonly considered 'human', but most are foreign and extra-terrestrial, being wholly alien in the modes of perception. When one actually thinks about and considers the 'human' state of consciousness, as simply that, a 'state' of consciousness, or mode of awareness, then the very really possibility, as well as, the opportunity, to change it simply by shifting this 'state' from one mode to another, or to state it more precisely by being aware differently.

By shifting conciousness outside of the normal, consensus, everyday, 'human' state of being, we create a change of awareness, and it is these very changes of awareness that grant us the Keys to opening the Doors of Perception that let us both enter and experience other realities and dimensions beyond the scope of what we can see with our eyes, and it is indeed the very key to seeing the unseen.

"Only those return to Eternity who on earth seek out Eternity."

Written by Patrick John Larabee

Automatic Drawings, Series 1-4, are the property of Patrick John Larabee