26 September, 2011

Sayings from my Soul, Part 1

~ Humanness is a Mask and one that is worn for but a short time. We are more than we know, and the first step is side-stepping the Flesh and stepping into the sphere of the Spirit. Zazas zazas nasatanada zazas!!

~ My Light is shown darkly through Mask and Mystery, and yet my Darkness burns bright.

~ The All-Consciousness: I

~ Who will be left...after my death...to fear being dead? We dream of death while living...perhaps the dead dream themselves more alive...then ever we were.

~ "I": flux, current, or an indefinite series of insubstantial states.

~ Self takes self in self-sacrifice, not always an easy path to take. For some of us the road is lined with a sweet-smelling bait, to catch, to ensnare us, to trap and trick us. But in the going is the Way, not to give up provides us with the light that brightens our nights.

~ I have gone beyond Death, and in that darkest of darknesses I have a seen a Light!

~ All the world as we know it, "reality", is simply realisation; it is revelation.

~ Verily the truth be as such, that the Wise know nothing and the Fool knows everything, and yet somewhere in between the Wise and the Foolish they are indeed become one and the same; so perhaps, the Wise-Fool knows and understands everything about nothing, or rather, knows nothing about everything...?

~ The Cross'd-Roads is the Intersection of an Infinite Number of Possible Realities.

~ We are the Shadows cast by our Inner Light.

~ Read your books, contemplate, think, research, but live your life too!! Love and be free, and remember to always follow the Path of the Spiritual Heart. For once the Spiritual Heart is discovered, all becomes a part of that Massive-Mother-Beat that reverberates throughout all of the Existent, and even into the Beyond!

~ If you seek the secret of Life you must go to Death and ask Him for it directly; I did so and you know what He told me: "Live my child, live!"

~ Those who focus too much on the Mask, the Flesh of themselves, and not enough on what is emanating through it, the Essence, create an obsession of the Ego. When one fails to recognise the current manifestation of their Light as simply one Form in an endless series of Forms they create a Legion of Demons, of Adversarial Entities, with which they are in constant battle.

~ LOVE: it's not just one thing, it's not just one feeling, it's not infatuation, it's not being in love and yet it is a part of that, being in love is not LOVE although LOVE is being in love. It is every single emotion in one, it is so much more than any one thing. It's new and it's old, it's joy and sadness, the very thing that makes one the happiest is also the very thing that can make one the saddest, it's invigorating, it's frightening. It leaves one vulnerable, but in that vulnerability one also loses themselves in the other, in their love, and the loss of self is somewhat comparable to bliss. Love is so complex and yet the most simple of all all things, the intricasies are beyond understanding and yet the most easiest things to feel, to sense. Sometimes it is blind as they say, but I think it not blind as in cannot see, but more so in an "eyes wide shut" kind of way.

~ Self-Remembering, or Self-Recollectedness, leads to the Knowledge of the Inner Knower.

~ One must say the words, it not matter what words you say; so long as they be Words of Power for you. But they must be said, it is the words that you speak that shape the reality you live in. So start the changes by speaking the words that will catalyse the changes into manifestations.

~ A Man is Legion, He is Many. Yet all this Many comes from One, and this One is the Eye of the I of the Seekers Inner Heart of Hearts.

~ Soliloquy: Self-Talk, Verbal Contemplation, an Exclamation of Inner Processes and Mental Divergences, although usually tending to be of a positive and illuminating nature; yet possibly revealing Shadow Aspects of the Self.

~ The Body is Vessel to the Ever-Changing Spirit of the Seeker.

by Patrick Larabee
All rights reserved - NO PERMISSIONS GRANTED

22 September, 2011

In the Darkest Places of Wisdom...

In our modern times it is all too common for knowledge to be garnered from the internet, or other more obvious places, books, television, word of mouth, etc. I believe, however, that there was once a time knowledge, so-called, was found in much darker places. I can imagine a time, perhaps not so long ago, when knowledge, or maybe even wisdom, would have been a hard won treasure, something someone had to work for, it was never just given, some would say it was found, discovered even.

There is a place within us that reacts to the world around us, and through that interaction, within the subjective mind-space, one developes a special kind of knowledge, a unique kind of knowing that can only come from ones own especial interaction with the objective world. It is often in these dark inbetween spaces, these liminal zones between the subjective and objective, between the inner and outer, that an uncanny and otherworldly kind of wisdom can rise to the surface of an attuned mind.

It could be said that here, this place where two worlds bleed one into the other, that it becomes possible for the retrieval of what is commonly know as 'forbidden knowledge', a wisdom that comes from the night, from ones dreams, from sadness, from the places outside of the limits of society, from more, some would say sinister, but I would say balanced, spiritual paths.

When one looks out into the star-studded heavens, into the void, the abyss of space, that somehow holds all of this life, this beauty, and yet itself remains untouched, cold, detached, and like unto death, we are so often reminded of a distant and yet somehow familiar feeling of belonging, of yearning, of a desire to return to the void; a dissolution of the self into all of the dark spaces inbetween all of the points of light, the stars, the suns, within the abyss.

There was a time when being out at night, amid the wild places of the world, underneath the starry sky, one could, in more one ways then one, discern in some small way our true position amongst this great mystery of life, death, and becoming. Sometimes an even greater mystery, although harder and much rarer to discover, would be revealed, that of un-becoming; of some kind of distant memory of a great darkness, peaceful and homelike, and yet to our small and limited, human-bound awarenesses, quite terrifying - the Great Unknown, the Void, the Abyss, the ultimate Mystery of Mysteries.

It is also in the night, under the spell of the sandman, when we dream. Within these dreams we often learn of a far more superior, yet often times disembodied, more powerful and yet at times puzzling and enigmatic self. A self, although less confined by the laws and regulations of the ego, is still very much wrapped up in the ways of the flesh and much indeed at the pull and whim of desire. Yet here, at night, in our beds, asleep and within our own heads, we can often times find ourselves much more alive than in our waking lives. Some even prefer their dream worlds to waking reality, some at times totally forsaking the one for the other; which in my opinion is never a good thing and can often lead to a life of delusion and fantasy. There is definitely a great need for balance when it comes to the utilisation of dreamt of knowledge within the reality of the everyday.

Once people even looked to their darker emotions as a place of great learning, many times making great discoveries from overcoming their blackest moments. Many a people, and I am one of these people, so I speak from experience, when hitting rock bottom, the darkest places of sadness, and sorrow, and despair, come forth from this place, as a light shining brighter than ever before. Having once been down, as low as one can be, they can only ever look upwards and onwards. There are always those though who never do make it back from these darker places within themselves, being so overtaken by them that even the smallest remaining light is extinguished, and they become naught but hollow shells walking in a dead world.

There also was a time when great affectation was given to times of trial and tribulation, often seen as an adversary, an opponent to be overcome. Many of the hardships that once befell people were actually the very things that lead to much of the technology that is, often times wrongly, used in our world today. Had the people of the past not had it so bad there is a very real chance that much of what we take for granted today would simply just not exist.

Living off the land, preparing for the more bitter and life-endangering seasons, guarding and protecting loved ones from the great wilderness that often assailed them from all sides, can well be seen as the very reason for the developements in the modern world, wherein we are safe, usually, protected from the elements and the wild, feed, kept warm, etc., contented and numbed to the very real world that awaits each and every single one of us, right outside our front doors, in the darker places of wisdom....

by Patrick Larabee

20 September, 2011

Liber Falxifer II - The Book of Anamlaqayin - All Hallows Eve Release

The long awaited Liber Falxifer II will soon be with us, now scheduled for release on the Night of the Dead, Samhain 2011. This is going to be a grand work and those whom work the Current of 182 I am sure will find this tome to be of immeasureable value.

To reserve a copy please go to: http://www.ixaxaar.com

The Book of Anamlaqayin

The Second Book of Master Falxifer will delve further into the Necrosophic mysteries of Qayin, but will also cast a Black Light on some crucial aspects previously hinted at and at the same time veiled in the first book of the Left-Handed Reaper. One of these crucial aspects concerns the identity of and the gnosis granted by the Hidden Mother of Our Bloodline, the Bride of Qayin.

The Second Book of Falxifer shall continue where the First Book left off, as the purpose of all the publications of the T.F.C. is to make available the initiatic tools needed by Those of the Blood in order to awaken and set ablaze their slumbering Pneumatic Flames.

The Second Book will once again present an extensive set of both worded and wordless manifestations of Sorcerous Gnosis and provide access to previously hidden keys to both low and high forms of Necrosophic Nigromancy, Necromancy, Ancestral Veneration, Herbal Sorcery and Daemonology and give new detailed instruction about how the powers of the insignias, talismans and fetishes of the Lord of the Harvest can be further employed in order to achieve both temporal and spiritual power, victory and transcendence, all by walking in the fiery and blessed footsteps of the First Ones who traversed the Paths of Nod.

Some of the topics presented within the Second Book of Our Master are: esoteric discourses revealing the mythic foundation of our Qayinite Gnosticism, the Veiled Bride of Qayin, Her secret formulas of Calling and Names of Power, Her sigils and Keys of both high and low sorcery, the Dark Dead and their hidden and most fearful aspects, the cleansing, protective and empowering baths, the herbal formulas and activations of the 7 Key Sigils of Death, the Mysteries of 72 Black In Green, the powers of the First Tiller and the workings of His Green Point of the Skull, the rites of protection and concealment, the creation, loading and consecration of the aspect-specific fetish of the Lord of the Mound, the secrets of the First Dead within the Cult of Death and His Sigils of Conjuring, talismanic work against the law, the formula and ritual for the making of the Ensouling Tinctures of Qayin, the unified and transcendent aspect of the Twin-Flame of Sataninsam and the Grand Kliffotic Sigil of their Spirit, further teachings concerning the Mighty Dead, prayers, invocations and talismanic forms used for the channelling of the powers of both the soul and the spirit of Qayin and much more.

Those who have faithfully and correctly worked with and internalized the teachings offered in the First Book of the Left-Handed Reaper will, in this Second Book of our Holy Saint of Death and His Bride, receive the instruction needed to further experience the initiatic empowerments, blessings and curses of our Necrosophic Tradition.

For the Glory of the Thrice Crowned Lord and Lady
of the Ebon Skull.


Find below the chapter listing released by IXAXAAR:-

Regular Edition of 1200 copies

Regular Edition: Hardcover book in black cloth with a gold stamping of Sigil of Anamlaqayin on the cover, black endpapers, gold silk-ribbon bookmark. Fullcover dustjacket. 474 pages, numerous illustrations. First Edition of 1200 copies, each book consecrated and handnumbered.

To reserve a copy please go to: http://www.ixaxaar.com

13 September, 2011

Esoteric Book Conference

I had a great time at the 3rd Esoteric Book Conference in Seattle, WA with my love. Had my first artshow ever and I would consider it successful. Met up with some long time friends from online for the first time in person, had some great conversations, saw some great art and heard a few really amazing lectures.