08 September, 2013

Ikonic Triumvirate of Eidolonaic Visions...

~ Azazel-Ha-Arava ~

"O' Lord of Fire-Burning Brightness, Azazel!
I call Thee forth from the Outer-Most-Regions of the Red Deserts of
Forbidden Knowledge, Forgotten Thoughts, and Forsaken Desires.
Through the Wastes of Dudael, beyond the very Edges of the Earth,
my Voice is heard and unto You I beckon, listen to the Words.

~ Lilith-Aridatha ~

"Ah Lilith! Lady of the Starry Heavens,
and Mother of the Wise-blooded Cunning-folk
sprung forth from the Seed of Qayin.
I call out to Thee in the Desolate Places of
Wilderness: let Thy Spirit of Fire emanate from
above and illuminate the Earthly Circle
of mine own Arte!

~ Dar-Akh-Qayin: Lepunae ~

"I call out into the Darkness and Spaces In-Between.
To you QAYIN, master of Flame.
Brother in the Twilight Artes of Magick Arcane,
Father of the Bloodlines, both Spirit and Flesh,
like two Serpents Twain!"

* Images and text ©Patrick J. Larabee and Aeon Sophia Press.
Text is from my book Whisperings from the Void 
& images are from an unpublished manuscript.