18 October, 2011

A Secret Unknown....

Within each and every thing there is a Secret held within a Secret, a Dark House Unseen that houses a Hidden God, it is this Truer Self that we aspire towards, it is our connection to the Gods. Those of us who walk the path of gnostic revelation seek ever the wisdom of these Gods and it is through Them that we are guided on the paths that each of our souls must take, not just within this life, but all lives; for it is They who have guided us here and it will be Them that guide us on from here, ever onwards through the spiraling path of spiritual evolution, through the massive Becoming that we all take part in every moment of our lives; whether it be known or unknown to us, we are all walking this path into Eternity.

Life, what is life but a series of experiences, of massive upheavels of consciousness, of an outreaching towards some great Unknown Mystery. What we seek is all around us and yet unseen, we feel it, we known it, we think about it, we conjure it and work with it, but it is ever a mystery, and the more we walk towards it the greater the mystery becomes. Eventually somewhere along the path we realise that it is Mystery that we seek, that it is the Unknown that we strive ever to grasp, and yet in our grasping of it we become a part of it, and how does one know Mystery when they themselves are that very mystery?

We must seek to know ourselves, and yet are not our depths inconceivable. Perhaps that is the Secret of Secrets, that no matter how much we try to uncover this Dark-Light within ourselves, we never see anything but it's shadows; that with every revelation, with every piece of knowledge picked from the Tree of Life, Wisdom and Death, we do nothing but remove a veil that shows but another veil.

What we are as human beings is but another veil, a dense and foggy veil, but a veil none the less. We are a thread in a massive tapestry woven from the things of this Universe, and beyond it; we are indeed the Sun, Moon and Stars, and more importantly our Souls are pieces of the massive Abyss of Space, pulled from the Void of All-Mystery, just as was the Black-God of the Sabbat when given birth by the Ancient of Ancients, the Goddess of All Darkness and the Queen of Heaven, Earth and Hell, so it has been from the beginning and so it shall be til the end.

We are the children of the Gods, we are selves of the Self, we are the masks of the Mask that covers the true face of the Ancient One of Spirit, the Ever-present and yet Ever-hidden Deity of the Void, from whence issues all of the Manifest and yet is the home of all that is Un-Manifest. The ONE of ALL!

We are all "I's:Eyes" of the I: the one Secret that lies an the Centre of All, the always moving, yet motionless being of Chaos! We each possess a secret within us that is the cause for this massive conglomeration of drawing together, it is at it's purest at Birth and at Death, it is untainted, unburdened, like a shining mirror that reflects the truth of the World and of Existence.

Our individual "I" is as a Pole, an Axis, that is the Centre of our own individual universe, and it is about this Axis of Sentient Luminosity that all that we are rotates, there is a Watcher within, the Great Ever-Open-Eye that exists within the depths of our being, it sees all, it knows all, it takes in all, it learns, it grows, it takes all for it's own pleasure, it does not differeniate between the sinister and the holy, it has no moral ground, it thrives on experience and seeks only to break its own laws in order to Become; it is in some ways a replication of the I:Eye that is at the centre of the Void, unknown and unknowing, yet assimilating everything, the source and the end; if there can truly be said that there is an end, that too is another mystery.

This much can be said, here there is Man, as a sentient being, containing within him a Light, a Hereditary Spark thats speaks ever to his Unconscious Self revealing unto his Dayside self the origins of his being, speaking of many things forgotten and covered long ago in mans search for a permanent truth here, in this world, and then there is the Universe, the massive deep, the Void of all Space, Time and Being; each Self reaches out into this Otherness to develope some understanding of our place here upon this Terrestrial Sphere, this world which is but one of millions of worlds, one manifestation that has issued forth from the Multitudes of Being.

As is the way of the seeker of the Eternal, all that has been said here is just one selfs ideation of personal principles, all is truth and all is a lie, a mask and mirror, and as such shall remain, as does the Mystery, a secret unknown...

By Patrick Larabee

26 September, 2011

Sayings from my Soul, Part 1

~ Humanness is a Mask and one that is worn for but a short time. We are more than we know, and the first step is side-stepping the Flesh and stepping into the sphere of the Spirit. Zazas zazas nasatanada zazas!!

~ My Light is shown darkly through Mask and Mystery, and yet my Darkness burns bright.

~ The All-Consciousness: I

~ Who will be left...after my death...to fear being dead? We dream of death while living...perhaps the dead dream themselves more alive...then ever we were.

~ "I": flux, current, or an indefinite series of insubstantial states.

~ Self takes self in self-sacrifice, not always an easy path to take. For some of us the road is lined with a sweet-smelling bait, to catch, to ensnare us, to trap and trick us. But in the going is the Way, not to give up provides us with the light that brightens our nights.

~ I have gone beyond Death, and in that darkest of darknesses I have a seen a Light!

~ All the world as we know it, "reality", is simply realisation; it is revelation.

~ Verily the truth be as such, that the Wise know nothing and the Fool knows everything, and yet somewhere in between the Wise and the Foolish they are indeed become one and the same; so perhaps, the Wise-Fool knows and understands everything about nothing, or rather, knows nothing about everything...?

~ The Cross'd-Roads is the Intersection of an Infinite Number of Possible Realities.

~ We are the Shadows cast by our Inner Light.

~ Read your books, contemplate, think, research, but live your life too!! Love and be free, and remember to always follow the Path of the Spiritual Heart. For once the Spiritual Heart is discovered, all becomes a part of that Massive-Mother-Beat that reverberates throughout all of the Existent, and even into the Beyond!

~ If you seek the secret of Life you must go to Death and ask Him for it directly; I did so and you know what He told me: "Live my child, live!"

~ Those who focus too much on the Mask, the Flesh of themselves, and not enough on what is emanating through it, the Essence, create an obsession of the Ego. When one fails to recognise the current manifestation of their Light as simply one Form in an endless series of Forms they create a Legion of Demons, of Adversarial Entities, with which they are in constant battle.

~ LOVE: it's not just one thing, it's not just one feeling, it's not infatuation, it's not being in love and yet it is a part of that, being in love is not LOVE although LOVE is being in love. It is every single emotion in one, it is so much more than any one thing. It's new and it's old, it's joy and sadness, the very thing that makes one the happiest is also the very thing that can make one the saddest, it's invigorating, it's frightening. It leaves one vulnerable, but in that vulnerability one also loses themselves in the other, in their love, and the loss of self is somewhat comparable to bliss. Love is so complex and yet the most simple of all all things, the intricasies are beyond understanding and yet the most easiest things to feel, to sense. Sometimes it is blind as they say, but I think it not blind as in cannot see, but more so in an "eyes wide shut" kind of way.

~ Self-Remembering, or Self-Recollectedness, leads to the Knowledge of the Inner Knower.

~ One must say the words, it not matter what words you say; so long as they be Words of Power for you. But they must be said, it is the words that you speak that shape the reality you live in. So start the changes by speaking the words that will catalyse the changes into manifestations.

~ A Man is Legion, He is Many. Yet all this Many comes from One, and this One is the Eye of the I of the Seekers Inner Heart of Hearts.

~ Soliloquy: Self-Talk, Verbal Contemplation, an Exclamation of Inner Processes and Mental Divergences, although usually tending to be of a positive and illuminating nature; yet possibly revealing Shadow Aspects of the Self.

~ The Body is Vessel to the Ever-Changing Spirit of the Seeker.

by Patrick Larabee
All rights reserved - NO PERMISSIONS GRANTED

22 September, 2011

In the Darkest Places of Wisdom...

In our modern times it is all too common for knowledge to be garnered from the internet, or other more obvious places, books, television, word of mouth, etc. I believe, however, that there was once a time knowledge, so-called, was found in much darker places. I can imagine a time, perhaps not so long ago, when knowledge, or maybe even wisdom, would have been a hard won treasure, something someone had to work for, it was never just given, some would say it was found, discovered even.

There is a place within us that reacts to the world around us, and through that interaction, within the subjective mind-space, one developes a special kind of knowledge, a unique kind of knowing that can only come from ones own especial interaction with the objective world. It is often in these dark inbetween spaces, these liminal zones between the subjective and objective, between the inner and outer, that an uncanny and otherworldly kind of wisdom can rise to the surface of an attuned mind.

It could be said that here, this place where two worlds bleed one into the other, that it becomes possible for the retrieval of what is commonly know as 'forbidden knowledge', a wisdom that comes from the night, from ones dreams, from sadness, from the places outside of the limits of society, from more, some would say sinister, but I would say balanced, spiritual paths.

When one looks out into the star-studded heavens, into the void, the abyss of space, that somehow holds all of this life, this beauty, and yet itself remains untouched, cold, detached, and like unto death, we are so often reminded of a distant and yet somehow familiar feeling of belonging, of yearning, of a desire to return to the void; a dissolution of the self into all of the dark spaces inbetween all of the points of light, the stars, the suns, within the abyss.

There was a time when being out at night, amid the wild places of the world, underneath the starry sky, one could, in more one ways then one, discern in some small way our true position amongst this great mystery of life, death, and becoming. Sometimes an even greater mystery, although harder and much rarer to discover, would be revealed, that of un-becoming; of some kind of distant memory of a great darkness, peaceful and homelike, and yet to our small and limited, human-bound awarenesses, quite terrifying - the Great Unknown, the Void, the Abyss, the ultimate Mystery of Mysteries.

It is also in the night, under the spell of the sandman, when we dream. Within these dreams we often learn of a far more superior, yet often times disembodied, more powerful and yet at times puzzling and enigmatic self. A self, although less confined by the laws and regulations of the ego, is still very much wrapped up in the ways of the flesh and much indeed at the pull and whim of desire. Yet here, at night, in our beds, asleep and within our own heads, we can often times find ourselves much more alive than in our waking lives. Some even prefer their dream worlds to waking reality, some at times totally forsaking the one for the other; which in my opinion is never a good thing and can often lead to a life of delusion and fantasy. There is definitely a great need for balance when it comes to the utilisation of dreamt of knowledge within the reality of the everyday.

Once people even looked to their darker emotions as a place of great learning, many times making great discoveries from overcoming their blackest moments. Many a people, and I am one of these people, so I speak from experience, when hitting rock bottom, the darkest places of sadness, and sorrow, and despair, come forth from this place, as a light shining brighter than ever before. Having once been down, as low as one can be, they can only ever look upwards and onwards. There are always those though who never do make it back from these darker places within themselves, being so overtaken by them that even the smallest remaining light is extinguished, and they become naught but hollow shells walking in a dead world.

There also was a time when great affectation was given to times of trial and tribulation, often seen as an adversary, an opponent to be overcome. Many of the hardships that once befell people were actually the very things that lead to much of the technology that is, often times wrongly, used in our world today. Had the people of the past not had it so bad there is a very real chance that much of what we take for granted today would simply just not exist.

Living off the land, preparing for the more bitter and life-endangering seasons, guarding and protecting loved ones from the great wilderness that often assailed them from all sides, can well be seen as the very reason for the developements in the modern world, wherein we are safe, usually, protected from the elements and the wild, feed, kept warm, etc., contented and numbed to the very real world that awaits each and every single one of us, right outside our front doors, in the darker places of wisdom....

by Patrick Larabee

20 September, 2011

Liber Falxifer II - The Book of Anamlaqayin - All Hallows Eve Release

The long awaited Liber Falxifer II will soon be with us, now scheduled for release on the Night of the Dead, Samhain 2011. This is going to be a grand work and those whom work the Current of 182 I am sure will find this tome to be of immeasureable value.

To reserve a copy please go to: http://www.ixaxaar.com

The Book of Anamlaqayin

The Second Book of Master Falxifer will delve further into the Necrosophic mysteries of Qayin, but will also cast a Black Light on some crucial aspects previously hinted at and at the same time veiled in the first book of the Left-Handed Reaper. One of these crucial aspects concerns the identity of and the gnosis granted by the Hidden Mother of Our Bloodline, the Bride of Qayin.

The Second Book of Falxifer shall continue where the First Book left off, as the purpose of all the publications of the T.F.C. is to make available the initiatic tools needed by Those of the Blood in order to awaken and set ablaze their slumbering Pneumatic Flames.

The Second Book will once again present an extensive set of both worded and wordless manifestations of Sorcerous Gnosis and provide access to previously hidden keys to both low and high forms of Necrosophic Nigromancy, Necromancy, Ancestral Veneration, Herbal Sorcery and Daemonology and give new detailed instruction about how the powers of the insignias, talismans and fetishes of the Lord of the Harvest can be further employed in order to achieve both temporal and spiritual power, victory and transcendence, all by walking in the fiery and blessed footsteps of the First Ones who traversed the Paths of Nod.

Some of the topics presented within the Second Book of Our Master are: esoteric discourses revealing the mythic foundation of our Qayinite Gnosticism, the Veiled Bride of Qayin, Her secret formulas of Calling and Names of Power, Her sigils and Keys of both high and low sorcery, the Dark Dead and their hidden and most fearful aspects, the cleansing, protective and empowering baths, the herbal formulas and activations of the 7 Key Sigils of Death, the Mysteries of 72 Black In Green, the powers of the First Tiller and the workings of His Green Point of the Skull, the rites of protection and concealment, the creation, loading and consecration of the aspect-specific fetish of the Lord of the Mound, the secrets of the First Dead within the Cult of Death and His Sigils of Conjuring, talismanic work against the law, the formula and ritual for the making of the Ensouling Tinctures of Qayin, the unified and transcendent aspect of the Twin-Flame of Sataninsam and the Grand Kliffotic Sigil of their Spirit, further teachings concerning the Mighty Dead, prayers, invocations and talismanic forms used for the channelling of the powers of both the soul and the spirit of Qayin and much more.

Those who have faithfully and correctly worked with and internalized the teachings offered in the First Book of the Left-Handed Reaper will, in this Second Book of our Holy Saint of Death and His Bride, receive the instruction needed to further experience the initiatic empowerments, blessings and curses of our Necrosophic Tradition.

For the Glory of the Thrice Crowned Lord and Lady
of the Ebon Skull.


Find below the chapter listing released by IXAXAAR:-

Regular Edition of 1200 copies

Regular Edition: Hardcover book in black cloth with a gold stamping of Sigil of Anamlaqayin on the cover, black endpapers, gold silk-ribbon bookmark. Fullcover dustjacket. 474 pages, numerous illustrations. First Edition of 1200 copies, each book consecrated and handnumbered.

To reserve a copy please go to: http://www.ixaxaar.com

13 September, 2011

Esoteric Book Conference

I had a great time at the 3rd Esoteric Book Conference in Seattle, WA with my love. Had my first artshow ever and I would consider it successful. Met up with some long time friends from online for the first time in person, had some great conversations, saw some great art and heard a few really amazing lectures.

19 August, 2011

A Rite for Congress with the Dead...

I come to the Gates of the City of the Dead,
Three turns against the Sun, 7 coins to pay the way....

I walk the Cemetary-path through Grave-stones; stone-sentinels that mark lives that have been.

"Blessed Dead I ask for Thy guidance, acknowledge the pure-Heart of this seeker in the Darkness."

By the Full Moons Light and Black-candles Flames, Three!

By Sacred Blackthorn, Five, I entwine to Terra the Pentagrammaton of the Spirit, each Thorn into the Ground pierced, to force the Power to be stayed.

7 x's 7, to Bind the Power, Widdershins walk the Ground.

Cross'd-bones upon the Darkened Earth to mark the place where the Sun shall drown.

By the Bloodied World-tree, Gateway of the Worlds, between me and Thee.

"Lord of Death, Master of the Grave!"

I assume the Posture of Death, X'd arms upon my chest:

"King of the Black-Earth, I beseech thee Qayin!"

I become the Living-vessel of the Manes:

"Open wide the veil, let me see, let me see!"

Solely of the Shadow am I become, Body-silent becomes the Key.

By Storax, Blood of the Dragon and Incense of the Dead:

"I, the Spirits call;

"Rise, rise, the Holy Dead!"
"Rise, rise, the Mighty Dead!!"
"Rise, rise, and share with me wine and bread!"

In Sacred-meal I share communion with the Decease'd.
Upon the Earthen-floor I lay en-tranced, I leaves "I", projection of Sight.
Under the Night-sky, with the Shades I fly, to the Damn'd Sabbat of the Witches.


1. - The three black candles represent the Unseen, thus black because hidden, aspects of the Sorcerers Power of Will, Desire and Belief, and here the Full Moons light is symbolic of the power of the Goddess, the Quintessential-force of the Cosmos.

2. - Blackthorn is the Sacred-arbour of the Lord Qayin, and is possessed of a most holy and dark power. Here used to mark the 5 points of the Pentagram within the Earth. To bind the 5 forces, earth, air, fire, water and spirit to the work to be done, manifesting all of the essential elements for for creation.

3. - Widdershins - in context of this rite, we use this gesture, this magical figuration of the imaginal, as a gathering of the Sinistral-forces to open wide the portal to the Other-side, in our walking against the normal flow of Life-force we create a liminal-gap inbetween this world and the the next.

4. - The Crossed-bones represent the Cross'd-roads, the meeting-place of all times and all places, and thus becomes the Gateway to the Otherside, and by placing this Gateway of the Cross'd-bones at the base of the Tree, here symbolic of the World-tree that leads to the the Three-realms of the Underworld, the Heavens and the Unseen-earth, one is essentially opening a Gateway at the Interstitial-point through the Gateway of the Cross'd-bones into the Realm of the World of Spirits entire - Earthly, Infernal and Empyrean, thus engendering Congress with the whole of the World of Spirits.

7 - A true number of Power, the Septagram, Sigillic representation of the Seven Classical Zones of Power represented by the 7 Traditional Planets of the Ancients, the Sacred Prism of Colour, etc.

3 - Number of the Goddess, the Three Worlds, the Three States of Being, the Sigil of the Triangle binding within it's lines the Triangulation of Intent, bound ever within the walls of Will, Desire and Belief, with which all things become possible.

5 - Number of the Senses, the 5 Elements, and the Pentagram, a most holy Sigil that shines with the very light of the Gods, anywhere it is placed with Intent the Two Worlds are bound together.

By Patrick John Larabee
All Rights Reserved

02 August, 2011

The ever-petaled flower of the Lily; Lady of the Gardens' sensual-mystery.

‎1 of 20 original pieces of artwork by myself that will be on exhibit at the Esoteric Book Conference in September. All original artwork is for sale and includes a signed talismanic-sigil which comes mounted on black-backing and in wax-sealed envelope bound by sacred-Blackthorn.

22 July, 2011

Descent of the Witches Fire...

13 July, 2011

A Soliloquy in the Night....

Listen not to the Voices of the Men of Un-Reason! Listen not to the Voice that issues forth from the Vile Mans Tongue! Listen to the Voice that speaketh not; listen to the Voice of Psyche whom dost reside within thy very Skull!

I will traverse the Inner Kingdoms; I will follow the Light of the One Star! I shall knell before the Altar of the Ancient One of Spirit. I shall raise my voice to the Heavens, even unto the very Depths of the Underworld so that the very Gods themselves shall hear these Words from Silence born.

Within exists a vast Empire of Lost and Ancient Worlds, these are mine by Rite of Birth. Let me seek and let me know the origins of Self, of the I inside; the very Essence of mine own Being.

My Head turns backwards: with an Eye blazing into a Darkness never seen by Human sight!

I pace the Circle in Reverse: I go back to the Beginning! By this Return, I meet my Ending!

By the Elixirs of the Sun and the Moon: I encompass my Self within the Coils of the Serpents-Twain, as ONE within the Light and the Darkness. I am the God and I am the Goddess: here in within my Body do They both reign in Unity.

May the Darkest-Light-Eternal shine forth from that which I am!

I go within to find the Reflections of those Things that are without.

Here I make my Oath to know!

That all things: here in my Body do reside. I am the Wind that sweeps across the Barren Desert to awaken, to arouse that which as fallen into a sleep Un-Divine! I am the Fire that gives Life to that whos Stars have grown dim in the War against Adversity! I am the Water that flows forth to quench tthe thirst of those that have been consigned unto the Pyre by those who lack Understanding! I am the Earth that shall lift up all that has ever been and will sustain all that shall ever be!

Here in this Place within the Sacred Precincts of Time and Space I mark the Point from which ALL shall flow. Here I am the King of my own Kingdom: to learn, to bless, to blight, to consecrate, to experience all of that which I AM!

The Soul is as Eternal as the Sun! Never does it wane in strength. It is only our Sight that betrays us. From my mouth flows Words of Truth. I speak with a Tongue of Fire!

I am here within this Present Moment: the NOW! No other exists but this.

All that I have ever been and all that I will ever be is manifest in this my Body. My Flesh is the Mask of my own Essence: a symbol when deciphered reveals Eternity. If "I" am merely a Mask of I, then all that I have become comes from I:EYE. Indeed there is no other but I! I is Eternal, yet given unto Birth and with Birth Death shall surely follow, yet still live the I:EYE. I am neither Past nor the Future - I am reborn anew each Moment.

The Pole dances with Possibilities-Infinite...in the Twilight of the Gods do I dance the Forgotten Paths.

Birth is the Beginning of the Dream and Death it's Ending, but there is THAT which dreams the Dream and fears neither Birth nor Death, but revels in LIFE - it is Eternal!

~Patrick John Larabee

09 July, 2011

Seeing the Unseen - being beyond the self - The Eye of the I

"To go beyond the veil is to go beyond the normal human condition."

All that is perceived in this world is seen through the eyes and the mind of he who beholds it, even my flesh is a part of this material Universe and as such bound by the same laws as is all matter. When one shuts out the outer world, whether it be through trance, meditiation, praxis, solitude or any of the other methods by which one can transgress the physical vessel, there is an immense pulling away from the outer which leads to an experience of the more inner spiritual levels of ones being. It could even by called 'The Journey of the self to the Self' which ends in the revelation and wisdom that is more or less our very own Daemonic Being, which literally encompasses us at all times, guiding, pushing, testing us.

And we ourselves are an expression, a manifest, incarnate reality of that essential, and yet discarnate, spiritual being, the Soul, the Spirit, the Daemon, the I as opposed to the 'I'. There are worlds beyond number, there are indeed even aspects of ourselves that we cannot fathom whilst being trapped within these clay-created bodies, these remnants of cast-off earth. To go beyond the veil is to leave behind that which is most familiar, ourselves.Verily, there is much that can be seen and experienced once we let go of the bodies that we hold so dear. In life we give so much to it and it is itself the most ephemeral of all the illusions.

Within this body, and while we are here, we are in the midst of what I call the 'sense-experience', constantly being bombarded by an infinity of stimuli, it is these very senses that allow us to experience this world, the world of the manifest. When we cross the veil at death, the senses of this body are consigned to the past, to the grave that is known as Mortality. Upon death we lose those senses that we have for so long held so dear, and yet in the true scheme of things we have only held them for a small fraction of our truer aeon-long duration of existence as spiritual beings.

After death there are no eyes with which to see, but an Eye that we use to perceive, no ears with which to hear, but an Ear that is receptive to the heavenly and infernal rhythms of the Astral, no mouth to speak meaningless words, but a Heart that utters all that needs and must be said, no hands to reach out and touch, but a Hand with we may come to grasp the entirety of the Universe.

When contemplating death, it is of paramount importance to come to a true realisation and definite understanding that as we leave this one world behind and reach out to embrace the other, we lose our physical bodies. Death takes all that is useless and leaves behind the pure adamantine light of the ONE. We are given a vehicle of burning light and sombre darkness, a true stellar body, which truly was always ours and never left us, but was trapped within the shackles of fleshly constraints, and it is the new body of stellar incandesence that enables us to carry forward our consciousness, our awareness, into another realm of existence that I have always called the Other-Side.

My entire body: the flesh, the blood, the bone, are all a part of this physically manifest universe, of matter, which in essense is a trap, a prison of sorts for the light of our beings, and yet it is also the one place where we are allowed to truly overcome those aspects of ourselves that must be physically manifest in order for us to do so. So indeed, it can be said that Life is both a blessing and a curse, for it is here that we learn and progress through our own trials and tribulations as spiritual entities within, as individuals playing out our microcosmic role within the Macrocosmic Game.

At death, the building blocks of my body, those things that the ancients connected to the elements of Earth and Air, of Fire and Water, return to the earth, it returns to that which it originally drew it's constitution, leaving behind the pure Spirit-Fire that is our Soul, the Eye of the I of the Self. When a spirit experiences this world through a body, an existent facet of the Un-Manifest, through the Flesh, it requires senses to do so, and yet Spirit itself, has the ability to experience through all of these billions-of-forms-of-being, such as when within the world itself it experiences Itself in, not just the form of the human-being, but as minerals, rocks, mountains, crystals, vegetables, plants, trees, herbs, and animals, insects, birds, everything, and of course, as stated above, even Man himself.

Spirit is not limited to or by the the physical matter of the manifest-Universe, it is truly a realm that is Imaginal, a vast Void-Abyss that contains and infuses all that is seen and unseen. Although there does seem to be some sort of manifestation process that occurs when the Light from the Absolute-Dark descends into the world of the existent darkly-lit abodes of Man.

There is within certain cults of the Ancient Worship a Four-fold Secret of the descent of the Light into the now, mostly fallen, races of the Human-being. There is a world of Spirit, a world of the Soul, a world of the Mind and a world of the Senses, impressions are sent forth by Spirit, impressions that have the ability to create, and Soul is formed, the ever incarnating and discarnating aspects of ones Self which is as a very shard of Spirit itself, and Soul, through the manifestation process of the Womb is then focused through the Mind of the newly developing individual self, and with birth is manifested within the 'sense-experience', also know as the physical, material universe.

And within this world, as an individual self, amongst other selves, I experience my world, seen through my eyes and conditioned by my mind and thoughts. The world I perceive is wholly mine and no others, no one else can experience the world as I do, such is our fate, such is our true aloneness, such is the truth of the solitude of the human-being. We each are unique and unlike all others, and as such we each shall see all that we see through the contructs erected and projected from our own minds and souls, we cast upon the darkness our own light and see all that is there within that light that we ourselves shine.

It is this very light, our own individual soul-light, that makes anything perceptable in our own, objectived-subjective world, and it is the very thing that tells us what it is we see, or sense, or feel, or think, or experience, and yet within the constructs of society we are also conditioned by our parents, our friends, our lovers, and others around us, even the communities we live in have conditioned us to certain forms of behaviour and decorum. The problem sometimes though is that what we feel and see and know as truth, is not always what the mass considers so, and hence the very true feeling of exile that is so often felt by those who act and live in accord with the light of the Spirit that abides within them.

The Eye of the Self perceives itself through differing levels of perception, each one unique unto itself and the world that it illuminates within the sphere of the Self, there is an infinitude of ways of looking at the world, or lack thereof, depending on whether one is open to or closed off from perceiving and truly being aware, for we truly are the only ones who either enlargen or diminish ourselves, we let the world and how we experience it either make us stronger or destroy us.

This Eye that resides at the centre of our being, at the centre of our Self, perceives and experiences and feel and records all that happens. In all modes of reality, of which there are many, the discovery of this Eye of the Self is the Key to experiencing any of them, for there are indeed worlds within worlds that we see only as fantasy, as mere illusion, when in fact they might very well be reflections of experiences of our Selves from within those worlds, for whether real or not, the Self does not discriminate like our lowly, smaller selves, it takes all of Itself and wastes nothing, all that Self experiences it takes as a real occurrence within It's own domain, this also mean that the Eye:I within you possesses the incredible ability to experience, by the simple visions of things, those very things themselves, whether they be worlds, or places, or things, or sensations, or whatever, all is real and possesses utility within the Sphere of the Self.

It can even be said that by living a fantasy we become that fantasy, by living a dream we become that dream, by our devotions we become and possess a fragment of that which we are devoted to. Hence the ever important rule of keeping a regular form of praxis, that with time will blossom as a rose, into a larger corpus of rites based soley on the gnosis from ones own experience with the Mysteries, thus revealing and encompassing a larger and more intricate set of working principles that govern our own magical universe.

There are 'states' of concsiousness that are outside of what one would normally term the 'human' consciousness, or state of being, for indeed being human is only one small fragment of what our Selves truly are. Many of these 'states' are closer in degree to what is commonly considered 'human', but most are foreign and extra-terrestrial, being wholly alien in the modes of perception. When one actually thinks about and considers the 'human' state of consciousness, as simply that, a 'state' of consciousness, or mode of awareness, then the very really possibility, as well as, the opportunity, to change it simply by shifting this 'state' from one mode to another, or to state it more precisely by being aware differently.

By shifting conciousness outside of the normal, consensus, everyday, 'human' state of being, we create a change of awareness, and it is these very changes of awareness that grant us the Keys to opening the Doors of Perception that let us both enter and experience other realities and dimensions beyond the scope of what we can see with our eyes, and it is indeed the very key to seeing the unseen.

"Only those return to Eternity who on earth seek out Eternity."

Written by Patrick John Larabee

Automatic Drawings, Series 1-4, are the property of Patrick John Larabee

11 June, 2011

Point of Power

The Cross Roads is a Locale of Inter-Dimensionality, it is the Grand-Point that is Central to all other Realities and Modes of Being. It is a Portal that leads to All-Possiblity. It is All Times and All Spaces, thus as it is said the Circle truly has no Centre and no Circumference, being as it is the Conjunction of All-That-Is, thus is Everywhere, at all Times, Past, Present and Future, eternally happening NOW: which is the only True Moment. And at this Portal of All-That-Is, which Resides at the Centre of the Cross'd-Roads, presides the God of Death, the Man in Black, the Devil, through whom the Seeker must pass, as the Gateway of thine own Death, to attain the Body of the Spirit-Flight Phantastique.

~Patrick J. Larabee

Souls of Shade and Stellar Dust

By Patrick John Larabee

Spectral Wood

By Patrick John Larabee

09 June, 2011

The Dreaming Eye - I

By Patrick John Larabee

Flame of Illumination

By Patrick John Larabee

Qayin - The Marked One

By Patrick John Larabee

The Opposer

By Patrick John Larabee

The Eye of mine I of my Self

By Patrick John Larabee

31 March, 2011

Qoutes on Imagination, the Otherworld and the Imaginal Realm


"To know the world of true imagination, you must go
there yourself." -Robert Moss

"The world of imagination is the world of eternity. It
is the divine bosom into which we shall all go after
the death of the vegetative body." - William Blake

"The concern of the Primary Imagination, its only
concern, is with sacred beings and events....A sacred
being cannot be anticipated; it must be
encountered....All imaginations do not recognize the
same sacred beings or events, but every imagination
responds to those it recognizes in the same way....The
response of the imagination....is a passion of awe." -
W.H. Hudson

"The quality of Imagination is to flow, it cannot be
contained, it is limitless." - Don't know who said
this, but I saw it on one of those inspirational
posters and its stuck with me ever since.

"The Divine Imagination dwells in a realm of Pure
Intent and Contemplation. The Divine Imagination gives
form to things of a spiritual nature. A realm seperate
from that of the mundane imagination: a realm that
leads into fantasy. In the realm of Divine Imagination
one is impressed with images that arise from within
the dark creative void!" - Patrick Larabee

(The following is taken from 'Natural Magic' by Doreen

The following is taken from what was called a 'Flying
Roll', which were short lectures and rituals that were
distributed amongst the members of the Order of the
Golden Dawn. The following in particular is titled 'A
Few Thoughts on Imagination' written by 'Resurgam':

"The uninitiated interpret imagination as something
"imaginary"in the popular sense of the word: that is,
something unreal. But imagination is reality.

When a man imagines, he actually creates a form on the
astral or even on some higher plane; and this form is
as real and objective to intelligent beings on that
plane as our earthly surroundings are real and
objective to us.

This form which imagination creates may have only a
transient existence, productive of no important
result; or it may be vitalized and thus used for good
or evil.

To practise Magic both imagination and will must be
called into action. They are co-equal in the work. Nay
more, the imagination must precede the will, in order
to produce the greatest possible effect.

The will, unaided, can send forth a current, and that
current cannot be wholly inoperative; yet its effect
is vague and indefinite because the will unaided sends
forth nothing but the current of force.

The imagination unaided can create an image, and this
image must have existence of varying duration, yet can
do nothing of importance unless vitalized and directed
by the will.

When, however, the two are conjoined, when the
imagination creates an image and the will directs and
uses that image, marvellous magical results may be

Then some notes were added to the above by 'Non Omnis
Moriar', in which he said:

"Imagination must be distinguished from fancy; from
mere roving thoughts, or empty visions. By it we now
mean an orderly and intentional mental process and
result. Imagination is the creative faculty of the
human mind, the plastic energy, the formative power.

(This 'plastic energy' should be compared with the
definition that is given in 'Ars Philtron', in which,
Daniel Schulke defines 'desire' as possessing a
unique, though plastic, momentum toward fruition.)

In the language of the esoteric Theosophists, the
power of imagination to create thought forms is called
Kriya Sakti, that is, the mysterious power of thought
which enables us to produce external, phenomenal,
perceptible results by its own inherent energy when
fertilized by the will.

It is the ancient Hermetic dogma that any idea can be
made to manifest externally, if only by culture the
art of concentration is obtained; just as an external
result of action produced by a current of will force."

(The following is taken from an article written by
Robert Taylor entitled 'Magick and Imagination'.)

"MAGICK must, by definition, be creative. Creativity
has to result from Magick, and inform Magick;
otherwise, there is no Magick. Creativity stems from
the Imagination, the faculty to conceive in the mind.
The imaginative faculties of Humanity have atrophied
over the millennia as we have, with our greater and
greater advances in technology, become bound to only
one aspect of reality, to the exclusion of all others.
It is the work of creative magicians to restore this
faculty, both in themselves and human consciousness at
large. Imagination is the Key to Magick, just as it is
to Art. It is no coincidence that Magick is often
referred to as an Art, as are many other activities
where the action has become automatic, i.e. from a
deeper source than the so-called conscious mind. By
Imagination is meant that which is commonly called the
Unconscious, both personal and collective. I have
dwelt extensively on the Unconscious in a previous

It is a common misconception that the term
'Unconscious' has come to imply something inside
ourselves, in contrast with other terms which often
imply something purely external. Imagination, in the
sense that Coleridge and Blake used it, has no such
restriction; it has a much wider scope. It implies
something existing between the external and internal
perception, and inhabiting both. Nothing, after all,
exists outside consciousness. Imagination precedes
perception, raising it to the level of Vision. It
intrudes into our 'normal' perceptions and suffuses
them, thereby revealing itself - whether internally as
dreams and inspirations or externally as visions or
phenomena. Seen from this light, Imagination is not a
passive thing, a passing fancy or a whimsical mental
construct. It is something more dynamic - wider and
deeper ranges of consciousness than that which we
think of as human. These ranges of consciousness
intrude ofttimes into human consciousness; they
inspire, energise, initiate. This sense of Imagination
as intruding into consciousness has been experienced
by many creative artists in all sorts of fields of
endeavour, and goes under a variety of terms. The
intrusion will be interpreted by a religious person as
the hand of God; by a poet as the Muse; by the artist
as inspirational creativity; by the Jungian
psychologist as the Collective Unconscious; by the
magician as supra-human or extra-terrestrial entity.
Whatever the term used to describe it, human
consciousness has been charged by an infusion of
something beyond its bounds."

"...this sense of alien intrusion into consciousness
was articulated thus by the author H.P. Lovecraft in
one of his letters:

"The true function of phantasy is to give the
imagination a ground for limitless expansion, & to
satisfy aesthetically the sincere & burning curiosity
and sense of awe which a sensitive minority of mankind
feel towards the alluring & provocative abysses of
unplumbed space and unguessed entity which press in
upon the known world from unknown infinities & in
unknown relationships of time, space, matter, force,
dimensionality, & consciousness. "

"All too often, Imagination has been dismissed as mere
mental invention by the rational mind. On the
contrary, it is often the frenetic activity of that
rational mind which prevents Imagination from being
perceived as the fertile influx which it could so
easily become. Many traditions, for instance,
epitomise the sleep of that rational mind as the time
when communication with informing Imagination holds
sway. Dreams are often dismissed as a mish-mash of
thoughts and reflections on daily events during the
waking hours. That there is a large element of this is
undeniable on the basis of what we know as our own
consciousness. Yet, something more may use the
opportunity to slip past the rational censor. Once
again, Lovecraft expressed this very succinctly. As
has been well documented, the inspiration for
Lovecraft's remarkable stories came from dreaming. His
letters reveal him to be a romantic at heart, but
crippled with a compulsive, reductionist rationalism.
Little wonder, then, that his dreams and stories
assumed almost a life of their own. Rather than
conscious creations, they are a vivid illustration of
the intrusion of Imagination into human consciousness.
Lovecraft was aware of this, as the following extract
from Beyond the Wall of Sleep suggests:

"From my experience, I cannot doubt but that man, when
lost to terrestrial consciousness, is indeed
sojourning in another and uncorporeal life of far
different nature from the life we know, and of which
only the slightest and most indistinct memories exist
after waking ... We may guess that in dreams life,
matter, and vitality, as the earth knows such things,
are not necessarily constant; and that time and space
do not exist as our waking selves comprehend them.
Sometimes I believe that this less material life is
our truer life, and that our vain presence on this
terraqueous globe is itself the secondary or merely
virtual phenomenon."

This passage articulates magical doctrine precisely,
whereby 'human' consciousness is an aspect of a
boundless field of consciousness, one aspect amongst a
myriad. Human consciousness seems to us to be
individualised, with fixed boundaries separating us
from the world outside those boundaries. In reality
there are no boundaries; there is a constant shifting,
a flux and flow of awareness, as 'our' field of
consciousness contracts or expands. The field is one
amongst a vast number of ranges of consciousness,
which often impinge upon 'our' consciousness. Kenneth
Grant uses the term 'Beyond' or 'Outside' in this
sense, meaning that which lies beyond the perceived
boundaries of individualised consciousness.
Imagination is the catalyst whereby these wider and
deeper ranges of consciousness can be accessed, and
the self-imposed boundaries of individualised
consciousness are pushed outwards. Magick is a means
for such integration, for such expansion of

"All too often, Imagination has been dismissed as mere
mental invention by the rational mind. On the
contrary, it is often the frenetic activity of that
rational mind which prevents Imagination from being
perceived as the fertile influx which it could so
easily become. Many traditions, for instance,
epitomise the sleep of that rational mind as the time
when communication with informing Imagination holds
sway. Dreams are often dismissed as a mish-mash of
thoughts and reflections on daily events during the
waking hours. That there is a large element of this is
undeniable on the basis of what we know as our own
consciousness. Yet, something more may use the
opportunity to slip past the rational censor. Once
again, Lovecraft expressed this very succinctly. As
has been well documented, the inspiration for
Lovecraft's remarkable stories came from dreaming. His
letters reveal him to be a romantic at heart, but
crippled with a compulsive, reductionist rationalism.
Little wonder, then, that his dreams and stories
assumed almost a life of their own. Rather than
conscious creations, they are a vivid illustration of
the intrusion of Imagination into human consciousness.
Lovecraft was aware of this, as the following extract
from Beyond the Wall of Sleep suggests:

"From my experience, I cannot doubt but that man, when
lost to terrestrial consciousness, is indeed
sojourning in another and uncorporeal life of far
different nature from the life we know, and of which
only the slightest and most indistinct memories exist
after waking ... We may guess that in dreams life,
matter, and vitality, as the earth knows such things,
are not necessarily constant; and that time and space
do not exist as our waking selves comprehend them.
Sometimes I believe that this less material life is
our truer life, and that our vain presence on this
terraqueous globe is itself the secondary or merely
virtual phenomenon."

This passage articulates magical doctrine precisely,
whereby 'human' consciousness is an aspect of a
boundless field of consciousness, one aspect amongst a
myriad. Human consciousness seems to us to be
individualised, with fixed boundaries separating us
from the world outside those boundaries. In reality
there are no boundaries; there is a constant shifting,
a flux and flow of awareness, as 'our' field of
consciousness contracts or expands. The field is one
amongst a vast number of ranges of consciousness,
which often impinge upon 'our' consciousness. Kenneth
Grant uses the term 'Beyond' or 'Outside' in this
sense, meaning that which lies beyond the perceived
boundaries of individualised consciousness.
Imagination is the catalyst whereby these wider and
deeper ranges of consciousness can be accessed, and
the self-imposed boundaries of individualised
consciousness are pushed outwards. Magick is a means
for such integration, for such expansion of

"...but remember, it can also produce the impossible:
statues that weep tears of real human blood etc.
Demons and bleeding statues (and UFO's, lake-monsters,
aliens, fairies etc.) inhabit a reality other than
ours, a reality of the Imagination, a world between
fact and fiction. They are fully capable of acting
independently and autonomously, and have, since the
beginning of time, been crossing over from their world
into ours, as countless examples testify. They are a
personification of Imagination, but it is not always
'us' doing the personifying. Imagination is fully
capable of personifying itself."

"Imagination desires to be utilised, its function is
to be fulfilled. Ignored, it will do its own
utilising, of repressed ideas, cultural icons,
archetypal images, symbolism, images from the mass
media, anything to get itself across. The definition
of 'conceiving in the mind' is an apt one, for it is a
direct analogy to the sexual urge to create.
Repressed, the sexual instinct strikes back, often in
ever more bizarre ways. The most potent form of
Imagination is the sexual Imagination, which is the
basis for sexual magick. It is via the sexual magick
of the O.T.O. that Imagination can be harnessed, but
the Imagination has to be active in the first place.
Sex magick without an actively stimulated Imagination
is barren, as countless creatively redundant magical
groups testify.

Seen in this light, specific traditions are not
passive modes of working, but a living charge of
current upon which the Initiate of that tradition
draws, and to which he or she contributes, by virtue
of his or her magical and mystical workings. To that
extent he or she is a transmitter of that tradition;
he or she is charged by the current, and throws off a
force. An excellent example of this is the Typhonian
Current, which as Kenneth Grant has demonstrated is of
an extremely ancient lineage. Initiates of that
tradition stand as inheritors of that lineage, that
accumulation of inspiring energy. In drawing upon the
inspiration of that current, it is also their role to
transmit that current, adapted to prevailing
conditions. They also thereby strengthen it, adding to
the reservoir of creativity that their successors will
draw upon in their turn."

The Otherworld:

"The Otherworld begins at the limits of the familiar

"Smooth the descent and easy the way
(The Gates of Hell stand open night and day);
But to return and view the cheerful skies,
In this the task and mighty labour lies."
- Aeneid VI, 126-129, Translated by John Dryden

"What is outside is also inside; and what is not
outside man is not inside. The outer and the inner are
one thing, one constellation, one influence, one
concordance, one duration...one fruit." - Paracelsus

"Celtic seers say that Fairyland actually exists as an
invisible world within which the visible world is
immersed like an island in an unexplored ocean, and
that it is peopled by more species of living beings
than this world, because its incomparably more vast
and varied in its possibilities." - W.Y. Evans-Wentz,
The Fairy-Faith in Celtic Countries

(All that follows was taken from 'Dreamgates' by
Robert Moss)

"If we are spiritually alive, we will also discover
our links to the spirits of our ancestors and of the
land we inhabit."

"Yet the deepest connection, for someone who is
strongly called to a spiritual path, may be to a
teaching ordrer or lineage that transcends time and
place, thought it may bear the stamps of a distinctive

"The right place to begin is the twilight zone.
Twilight states of consciousness provide ideal
conditions for the creative flash: the spontaneous
birth and coupling of images, an at-onceness of
perception, a mingling of ways of sensing and
perceiving, an alliance with helpers from the imaginal

"The way to the formless Oneness of God is through
the world of Forms from which physical reality is
projected. It is not correct to dismiss the imaginal
realm as a world of illusion. Though its forms are
"creations of the created," they may recall those of
higher reality as well as earth and may be models for
what is brought into being on the physical plane."

"What is alien is what is "other." And what is most
profoundly other, for many of us, is our own larger
Self. The reality we encounter is our mirror, but our
perception is fogged. We fail to recognize how the
thoughts and feelings we send out develop a life of
their own, like unacknowledged children. We disclaim
any relationship with our shadow selves - the aspects
we have denied or rejected - to the point where we end
up being stalked by them, in the dream world and the
surface world. Worst of all, we regard as utterly
"other" the messengers from the big Self who are
forever trying to get us to look squarely at the
mirror and see our own true face. And to remember that
our spirits are starborn."

(The following excerpts are from 'Walkers Between the
Worlds' by Caitlin and John Matthews)

"As the esotericist Dion Fortune says, "What you
contemplate, you touch. What you enter into in
imagination, you make yourself one with."- pg. 16

"In entering the inner worlds, we are not running away
or hiding from the outer world, but rather are seeking
to deepen and enrich our awareness of a
multidimensional universe. Fantasy opens our lives. It
is a laboratory where the alchemical possibilities are
first tested and tasted. It is the magical waking of
our lives. This is our quest: the search for the
reality behind the gods and beings of the Otherworld.
Regardless of the technique you use to contact them,
you will find yourself led inevitably to the realm of
the Otherworld and to the figures of the gods who rule
it. There are as many entrances as there are stars in
the heavens - indeed, some of those stars are
themselves entrances."- pg. 101

"...but what is the Otherworld? Our perceptions
readily inform us about the physical reality of our
world, but they are less capable of telling us much of
the reality of the Otherworld. In actuality, there is
one reality, but it has two sides: our everyday realm
of appearences that we apprehend with our senses and
the Otherworld, which, though our ordinary senses
cannot apprehend it, is just as real as our own world.
Together they form one sacred continuum of life. In
our everyday arena we move and exist in our physical
bodies; when we enter the Otherworld, we exist in our
spiritual bodies. Most important, everyone of us
bridges these two sides of reality, even if only in
our dreams." - pg. 107

"The Underworld is the foundation of the Otherworld
reality and the deepest stratum of native
consciousness, where we meet with the most
uncompromising inhabitants. R.J. Stewart prefers not
to call these beings archetypes, which implies a set
of psychological personae. Like the gods, the
Otherworld's inhabitants are real in their own world
and in their own right, not the result of our
imaginative state." - pg. 108

"The Otherworld is a place not only where the dead go,
but also where heroic mortals still live in the
fullness of their powers. It is the place of
traditional learning and wisdom, where springs the
well of inspiration." - pg. 111

"Atlantis, like Eden, was a place where inspirational
knowledge was always available. The myth of Atlantis,
like that of the Fall of Man, is concerned far more
with the end of communion with the Otherworld than
with the consequences of sinfulness. The realization
that it is our essential birthright to contact this
Otherworld has been the impetus for meditational
exploration in every time and place, among every
people." - pgs. 111-112

"Paradise and heaven, however, are not one and the
same place. Paradise has its roots in the Persian
paerodaeza, meaning "park" or "enclosed garden," and
is a perfectly appropriate synonym for the Otherworld
- an intermediate state between incarnation and bliss.
The enclosed garden or island paradise is a primal
state, an interior reality in which every vital
component of life is in potentiality. It still has its
first wildness, yet it also has its own grace and
rules of governance. There is no human trickery or
deception there - nor will such debased currency serve
in our transactions with the Otherworld. It is a
waiting place, a place of learning and nourishment."-
pg. 112

"As Joan Halifax explains in her book 'Shamanic

This special and sacred awareness of the universe is
codified in song and chant, poetry and tale, carving
and painting...it gives structure and coherence to the
unfathomable and intangible. By "making" that which is
the unkown, the shaman attains some degree of control
over the awesome forces of the mysterium."

(The line above ties into the idea of the universe
having no meaning until one creates it for
him/herself, the 'Luciferian Arcanum', as mentioned by
Chalkedris Nimbrotheus, on 'The Witches Sabbath'

"Although there is a definite interaction or communion
among those of the otherworldly realms, to "see" them
we use an inner state of perception rather than the
five physical senses. This should not imply, however,
that otherworldly beings - the Shining Ones - are
unreal. As the seer says, they belong "in their own
world and nature."- pg. 114

"Every generation finds its metaphor for a condition
that is understandably difficult to express in human
terms. We leave it to you to find your own means of
understanding, as long as it allows for archetypes to
inhabit the Otherworld as well as the psyche and
acknowledges that the Shining Ones are real in their
own world and not inventions of a disturbed mind or
rich imagination." - pg. 114

"Deity or pure spirit has no form; but in order for it
to have any communication with humankind, it must
assume an acceptable form or symbol. There is no way
any of us can escape the language of symbolism lying,
sometimes deeply hidden, within our cultural and
genetic memory. In the Foretime the world was visited
and guarded by homely, familiar spirits whose
manifestations came in numerous forms and varying
gradations of intensity.

The Shining Ones range in nature and kind from primal
elemental forces of air, fire, water, and earth to
distinct spirits that we know as gods, with many
variations - angels or tutelary spirits - in between.
Some native traditions have lost access to the full
range of the Shining Ones through a shifting
religious focus. The beings of the elemental forces
are usually the first to suffer, being regarded as
less "evolved." It is truism - and one to be
remembered - that the gods of an outgoing religion
become the devils of the incoming one. "- pg. 114-115

(This could be a key as to why demonological names and
spirits are used in the craft. These "demons" are
really the old gods in disguises created by the new
religious cults of the time. Some of which might lead
to states of consciousness that have not been
experienced for hundreds, or perhaps thousands, of

"We find that some gods have made more successful
translations to the modern world than others because
of their aspects and symbolism remain vital to our
time. But what becomes of those god forms that remain
dormant? Do their energies merely await renewed human
attention? Whether sleeping or active, the energies of
god forms are always available to those who
familiarize themselves with their call signs and
symbolism - and the Otherworld journey can help us
contact the primordial current behind all god forms."-
pg. 116

"A personal experience of the Otherworld and its
inhabitants can promote spiritual growth, making us
aware that we belong to the sacred continuum and
giving us a sense of our spiritual family. The inner
guardian is the initiator for each of us - and it need
not be a monumental figure. The link for you may be
someone familiar to whom you have never given a face,
perhaps an inner voice or secret companion. The innner
guardian is our true north, the keeper of the charts,
the one who shows the way. He or she is the one who
has already traveled the paths we are walking for the
first time and thus has a wealth of wisdom for us to
draw upon." - pg. 117


The Imaginal Realm:

The Imaginal Realm is the place where the images of
the Divine are located, there are so many images that
they are beyond any number we have in our modern forms
of articulation. They are the images I use to contact
Spirit. The Imaginal are the pictures the Soul uses,
to connect with/communicate with, energies present in
the Spiritual Worlds.

My Soul, my Heart, does indeed feel a kinship with the
Cainite Mythos,as well as the Luciferian Gnosis: the
idea of Light fallen in Matter. Thus, these are the
images I use in ritual. These masks are really symbols
that through ritual praxis and devotional work have
become alive by pulling energies from the astral that
are in accord with the symbol so projected.

The Imaginal is the "bridge" one uses to establish
communication between the Worlds of Spirit and the
Worlds of Matter.

In 'The Pillars of Tubal Cain', at the begginning of
Chapter 6, one of the authors qoutes Charles
Baudelaire as saying "Nature is a temple where living
pillars let sometimes emerge confused words: Man
crosses it through forests of symbols, which watch him
with intimate eyes."

The Imaginal Path is in essense the Symbols, the Masks
of Divinity, the Heirarchy of the Spiritual Universe,
the Modes of Praxis, the Beliefs, and other things
that I can not currently bring to the forefront of my
mind, that creates a road that I can walk back towards
the Divine. This places me within a working construct
of a Universe that is both physical and spiritual.
~ P.J.L.

(The following was also taken from 'Dreamgates' by
Robert Moss)

"We will discover that the inhabitants of the imaginal
world - gods and daimons, ancestors, nature spirits,
angels and aliens - are much more diverse than those
of the physical world and are quite real in their own
orders of reality. We will learn how to contact master
teachers on these planes and investigate how
collective and personal environments - including
heavens and hells - are generated by thought and

If we call something "imaginary," we usually mean it
is "made up," something other than real. Yet poets and
mystics have always known that the world of
imagination is a real world - a third kingdom between
the physical universe and the higher realms of spirit
and that it is possible to travel there and bring back
extraordinary gifts. The medieval Persian philosophers
called this world the Alam al-Mithal, or Imaginal
Realm. Kabbalists called it Olam Hademut, which means
the same thing. In both conceptions, this realm is
ontologically real. "It's reality is more irrefutable
and more coherent than that of the empirical world,
where reality is perceived by the senses." The soul is
released into this kingdom after physical death and
may go there in visionary journeys.

The Persian mystic philosophers teach that there are
three kingdoms of experience: the first is our
physical universe, the realm of the sensory experience
and space-time. There is a realm of pure Spirit,
presided over by higher intelligences. Between the
physical and spiritual realms is the Third Kingdom:
the immense realm of soul, where cities and temples,
heavens and hells, are formed by the power of active
imagination, which is the faculty of soul.

Henry Corbin, the great French scholar of Islam,
described the imaginal realm as "a world as
ontologically real as the world of the senses and the
world of the intellect, a world that requires the
faculty of perception belonging to it.... This faculty
is the imaginative power, the one we must avoid
confusing with the imagination that modern man
identifies with 'fantasy' and that, according to him,
produces only the 'imaginary.'"

The Persian philosophers also call the Alam al-Mithal
the Place Outside of Where - Na-koja-Abad. It is "a
climate outside of climates, a place outside of place,
outside of where." In its eastern region, in the city
of Jabalqa, is the realm of the archetypal images,
"preexistent to and ordered before the sensory world."
In its western region, in the city of Jabarsa, is the
realm of the spirits who have moved beyond physical
existence, and "the forms of all works accomplished,
the forms of our thoughts and desires."

Sohrawardi insisted both on the objective reality of
the imaginal realm and on the fact that the way to
grasp it is the way of experience: "pilgrims of the
spirit succeed in contemplating this world and they
find there every object of their desire."

Medieval Kabbalists also spoke of the Olam Hademut,
the imaginal world , as a seperate reality. In their
cosmology, it is one of five worlds. "There are five
worlds, which in descending order are: The World of
Divinity, the World of the Intellect, the World of the
Souls, the World of Images, and the World of the

For the Kabbalists, as for the Persian Sufis, the
imaginal world occupies an intermediate position
between the physical universe and the higher spiritual
realms. The later Kabbalists approach it with
ambivalence. It offers great gifts, such as prophecy,
and is part of the road to knowledge of the divine.
But it is also the home of illusions and temptations
that can captivate you and prevent you from rising to
higher planes. Its gatekeeper is Sandalphon, "the
master of images" and archangel of the planet Earth,
who gives form to the body the soul enters at

The imaginal realm is, par excellence, the realm of
the soul. And it is here that true imagination, the
faculty of the soul, comes into its own. In this order
of reality, imagination is not passing fancy, the
fabricator of what is merely "made up." It is maker
and creator. Blake understood that authentic
imagination creates worlds, while reason only analyzes
them. Coleridge wrote of "primary" imagination as "the
living power and prime agent of all human perception"
and "a repetition in the human mind of the eternal act
of creation in the infinite I AM."

"The imaginal world contains many evironments created
by human desire and imagination.”

26 February, 2011

IXAXAAR Website Update

Check out the new update over at the Ixaxaar website.

The new release of The Red King by Mark Alan Smith is available.

There is an update about Liber Falxifer II: The Book of Anamlaqayin

And they have also added many new items to their Esoteric Products section, such as fully empowered Quimbanda Fetishes, a C.C.B. Necromancy Oil and some excellently fashioned Wands that can be found in their Traditional Witchcraft section.


Esoteric Book Conference

I am pleased to announce that I have been chosen as one of the Featured Artists at this years upcoming Esoteric Book Conference. Very exciting for me as it is my first ever showing of my own works. I will have an exhibit of a 20 piece series entitled 'Libri ab Sanguis', The Book of Blood, and 19 of these pieces will be available to purchase. I will also have available a Numebered and Signed First Edition High Quality Print Run of all 20 pieces.


28 January, 2011

The Red King by Mark Alan Smith / IXAXAAR

The Red King by Mark Alan Smith / IXAXAAR

New Release coming in February 2011 from IXAXAAR

Second Volume of the Books of the Trident of Witchcraft
- Gnosis of Lucifer -

THE RED KING by Mark Alan Smith

The Red King is the second volume of the Trident of Witchcraft. This substantial book reveals the true Gnosis of Lucifer; as the God who ante-dates the entire Christian mythos; which has been suppressed and hidden from man by organisations such as the Catholic Church for thousands of years. In the Age of Re-Awakening Lucifer steps forward as the Lightbearer who illuminates the way of true Wisdom and Understanding. He is the God who holds the keys to these realms and to those beyond. Lucifer reveals the destiny of both the soul and the incarnate form of man. The magickal work of Lucifer is the catalyst through which the power and gnosis of the Witch Gods may be attained by those who are able to balance the blackest Atlantean magick with the brightest stellar aspects of the Perfect Red King.

The Red King consists of the Six Books of Lucifer and returns more of the lost and previously fragmented gnosis of the Witchcraft. The First Book of Lucifer begins with the return of the true formula for summoning the Four Demon Princes, in manifestation, as gatekeepers and guardians to the kin of the Trident. The further work of the Toad Witch, beyond the initial rite itself, is explored and the gnosis of summoning the Devil's Familiar is revealed alongside evocational techniques which grant the adept the raw power of Lucifer to aid in the calling forth of the most powerful denizens of His realm. Work with the mighty Surgat yields the secrets of the construction of the talismanic Key to Lucifer's Kingdom. The remaining five books are the Books of the Lost Keys of Power. This knowledge must be placed back into the hands of man in order to restore the correct balance of power to the Path of Ascension which leads from immortal soul to Divine form.

The Book of Stellar Lore of the Horned God presents knowledge that is necessary in order to open gateways to the Eternal Realms. Within the Book of the Inner Keys of Knowledge the Pathways of Belial are explored. The Rite of the Masks of the Horned God Lucifer uncovers the Keys to the Gateway of Knowledge. The Lord of the Dark Star is met in the ritual exploration of His realm and pathways beyond the throne of Lucifer are illuminated. Pacts of the soul, in eternal devotion and protection, are made in the Book of Gateways to the Soul. This leads to the first encounter with the Kings of Edom; not those confused with the Witch Gods of the Qlippoth; the Dark Gods of the depths who rule far below the Nightside. The journey along the Path of Ghagiel initiates the adept into the Atlantean current as the origins of the soul of man and the fate of the first incarnate race are revealed. In the Book of the Depths some of the blackest Atlantean magick is given in ritual form. The Rite of the Unforgiven Soul teaches the method of summoning forth, and binding as a servitor, a black horror from the realms of the damned. The ritual summoning of the Four Horsemen is covered in detail in the powerful Atlantean work of the Elemental Talisman of Thaumiel's King.

The transmutational Path of Flame is woven throughout the entire book. This is the journey of the soul who quests for the Three Great Crowns of Divinity. The Sixth Book of Lucifer, the Temple of the Gods, culminates in the preparation of the soul for its total immersion into the Atlantean Universe. For those who have attained the First Great Crown at the Throne of Hecate, Lucifer ignites His Path of Flame in the depths which leads the questing soul towards divinity.

* * * * * *

The Red King will be released in one strictly limited edition of 999 standard copies and 66 deluxe copies.

All copies are hand numbered.

Regular Edition The Standard edition is bound in shimmering midnight blue cloth and embossed with the seal of the Perfect Red King of Sulphur. Printed on thick high quality paper and finished with black endpapers. Fifteen beautiful full page illustrations. This edition will be individually consecrated by the author in order to fully awaken the spirits of Lucifer within each book. 55 euros

The Thaumiel Edition consists of 66 deluxe copies bound in full, blood red, goat. Gold stamped with the seal of the Cardinal Crown of Thaumiel. Gilded edges. Thick endpapers. Dark red silk ribbon. Slipcased. The Thaumiel edition will each be signed and sigillised by the author with ink that has been ritually infused with his own blood before they are individually consecrated. 215 euros

Only one copy per customer of this deluxe edition. For pre-reservations, contact the publisher reservations@ixaxaar.com

These books are seeds of gnosis.
As with its sister volume Queen of Hell there will be absolutely no second edition or re-print of The Red King at any time.

The Red King by Mark Alan Smith