26 February, 2011

IXAXAAR Website Update

Check out the new update over at the Ixaxaar website.

The new release of The Red King by Mark Alan Smith is available.

There is an update about Liber Falxifer II: The Book of Anamlaqayin

And they have also added many new items to their Esoteric Products section, such as fully empowered Quimbanda Fetishes, a C.C.B. Necromancy Oil and some excellently fashioned Wands that can be found in their Traditional Witchcraft section.


Esoteric Book Conference

I am pleased to announce that I have been chosen as one of the Featured Artists at this years upcoming Esoteric Book Conference. Very exciting for me as it is my first ever showing of my own works. I will have an exhibit of a 20 piece series entitled 'Libri ab Sanguis', The Book of Blood, and 19 of these pieces will be available to purchase. I will also have available a Numebered and Signed First Edition High Quality Print Run of all 20 pieces.