27 January, 2010

Witchy Haiku

In the beginning,
spark in darkness did ignite,
to us all brought light.

the void inside inner space,
blessing sacred light.

Glorious life sun,
lord of the day and right might,
seekers follow light.

Your a shining light,
in the darkness of my night,
soothing to my soul.

As the sun to moon,
so my soul to my body,
the flow of life force.

Glowing moon so bright,
you are the goddess of night,
calling child to rite.

Sacred king stag stands,
as the lord of the forest,
reaching out for hand.

Sweet summer honey,
distilling a holy drink,
an elixir sweet.

Skull fills with shadow,
eternal night descends now,
eye opens upon the dark.

By Patrick J. Larabee

A Procession of Shadows Underneath the Pale Moonlight

By Patrick J. Larabee

In Me (A Poem)

I sit here inside myself,
wondering where to go,
what to look for.

I know its there,
but for some reason,
most of the time I can not see it.

Its just me in here,
with the voices and the forces,
the images and ideas,
the spirits and the ghosts.

I am never alone.

The feelings at times overwhelm,
shut me down,
make my world stand still.

The thoughts at times pull me into other worlds,
other places where I am not me,
where places are not places,
build't out of emotions and things intangable.

its just me in here,
seeing all these things with an eye inside,
I wonder how far I could see,
and then wonder what I am looking into.


Could be,
but its so vast,
can one get lost in themselves?

Could I ever travel so far into myself as to not return?

My imagination is a divinity dancing,
holding my hand,
showing me the possiblity of me,
revealing unto me the Masks of I.

By Patrick J. Larabee

A Holy Rite of Death

O' Azrael, Mighty Intercessor of Death.
Spread forth Thy Wings revealing Absence of Light,
Great One of the All-Encompassing Darkness,
Open wide the Portals of the Night.

Darkening descend upon my Flesh,
Nothingness ascend from Deepest Pit,
Darkening descend upon my Sight,
Nothingness ascend from the Elfin Hollow,
Darkening descend upon my Heart,
Nothingness ascend from the Underworld Dark,
Darkening descend upon my Light.
Nothingness ascend from the Cavern Black,

Into the Void, Into the Abyss,
Into the End as Out from the Beginning,
Embraced by Death and Blackest Kiss,
Non-Existence of Being Forever Never-Ending,
Mine Own Shadow Eclipses the Light,
Wraps the Self in the Darkest of Nights.

(Imaginal Offering, Sacrifice and Surrender of the Self at all Levels follows the use of this Prayer.)

By Patrick J. Larabee

24 January, 2010

The Trifecta Talisman

By Patrick J. Larabee

The Invocation of Liminality

With One Foot in the World of the Living
and the Other in the World of the Dead,
I stand upon the Threshold of the Duality
inherent in the Unity,
With a Double-Gaze I see with the
Vision of the Whole.

The Two Realities of the One,
As Day and Night are Together a Whole,
A Never-Ending Circle of Cycles, of
Revolutions, of Inner and Outer Turnings,
As the Mighty Ourobouros biting its Tail,
Ever Swallowing and Ever Growing,
Shedding Skin to Become the New, the Changed,
the Ever-Changing.

By Patrick J. Larabee

13 January, 2010

The Guardians of Sethos

By Patrick J. Larabee

Ensouling of the Void by the Hand of the Sorcerer

By Patrick J. Larabee

A Hermit's Canticulum

Into the Darkest Night I roam,
Within the Wilderness of the Compass I tread,
Divinely Inspired I walk the Solitary Path of One,
One whom is Entranced in the Midst of the
Holy Sorcerous Daemonic Host:
The Great Amalgam of Spiritous Essences.

I declare great moments of Congress with the
Spirits of the Perambulation of CAIN,
He who has brought Life to the Clay,
O' most Ancient and Holy Ancestor,
Mighty Voice and Maker of the Way.

I follow the Nox-Path whichs leads
Ever to the Lux Magicae,
O' Sacred and Holy Radiance of Lilith's Lantern,
Ever guide me on this Crooked Track,
Always directing my Foot upon the Earthen Ground,
For in every step I take I come closer to the LIGHT.

Ever do the Wytchan Spirits speak to and
through the Heart of my Being,
In my hands as an Offering to Them,
It is ever beating and bleeding,
As a Portal of the Word I open to the Desire of
the Non-Existent.

By the Flow of Quintessence into the Flesh,
In all times Increasing the Power possesed,
By the Secret Eye of Seeing all Force is given Form,
The known Mind to hidden Spirit kneeling,
To Bless and Curse with the Vision of the Eternal Design.

There is only One and I is an Eye of God.

By Patrick J. Larabee

Sorcerous Sources and the Extension of the Aethyric Entity

By Patrick J. Larabee

A Calling Forth to Azhazhael and His Satyrs

O' Lord of Fire-Burning Brightness, Azhazhael!

I call Thee forth from the Outer-Most-Regions of the
Red Deserts of Forbidden Knowledge, Forgotten Thoughts,
and Forsaken Desires.

Through the Wastes of Dudael, beyond the very Edges of
the Earth my Voice is heard and unto You I beckon,
listen to the Words.

O' Spirit of Celestial Fire, Azhazhael!

With Peacock-Light of Prism'd Sun, and by Cunning of
the Serpent-Black: here reveal the Shrouded Path of
Crooked Track!

From the Ancient Flame: raise, rise and be manifest
unto the Sight of the Utterer of Thy Name.

Here now awaken, here now thrive, here within this
Compass come Alive!

O' Mighty Serpent of Mysterious Wisdom, Azhazhael!

Coiled about the Twain Tree of the Ancient One: the
Dark and the Light: the Day and the Night of the

From Thy Twisting Tongue speak thy Gnosis from Heaven
made, and here cast down the Secret Seraph's Flaming

Here the Serpent lets me See.

Here the Serpent teaches me.

I invoke Thee!

O' Secret Father of the Wise! Within burns the Flame:
the Blood of Angels courses through my Veins.

Sprung I forth from Thine Illuminated Seed! Descended
I from the Primaeval Fire of the Ancient One of Spirit.

O' Heavenly Bearer of Light, Azazil-Ebas!

Kindle mine Torch and consume I with the Fire of Desire!
Reveal here the Centre of All Mystery: the Luminous and
Arcane Flame. The Heritage of One cast about the Circle
and bound by Thy Secret Name.

In the Blackest Light of Azhazhael I Illuminate the Secret
House of the Hidden God: shine I with the Radiance of the
Divine ever concealed beneath the Veils of Flesh!

O' Skull Masked Angel!
O' Image of Death!
O' Icon of Burning Light in Shade of Night!

Guide Thy Daemonic Throng unto this Centre of Potential
that I may come to fulfill the Pact to Know Myself in
All Possibilities.

I evoke Thee!

O' Ancient Retinue of the Goat-Angel! Wild Satyr's: roamers
of the Dark Places beyond the cast rays of the Sun. Thou who
art neither Man nor Beast, but both. I know from whence I
come, yet know I thus the Potentiality of the Time that is
to Be.

Dwellers in the Bone-Kingdom of Azhazhael: where each Skull
burns as a Star that shines forth with Wisdom from Our Ancestors
Craft. Gather Ye around this Circle of Arte whose Centre
encompasses All.

O' Brothers!

I am of Thee, as Thou art of I!

O' Bearers of Light to the Ancient Witches Peak: the Flame
Eternal placed as a Beacon for those who seek. The Way is
steep, the Road is long, and the Path crooked for those who
Journey by Night: ever following the Light of the One Star.

O' Children of Azazil-Lasifarus!

You Hairy-Hoard of He-Goats draw close and listen to Thy Brother:-

Thine Eyes are aglow with Ancient Flame and their gaze sends asunder
my Flesh.
Thy Hooves mark the Paths leaping forth from Ancestral Past.
Thine Horns: a Sign of the Covenant sworn before the Old Ones.
Your Phalli full of Fires burning bright.
Thy Hands mark upon the Aethyr the Sigils of Re-Cognition.
And from Your Lips unto mine Ear speak the Words from the Book of

By Patrick J. Larabee

12 January, 2010

An Invokation of the Hidden Light

I call forth to the Eldritch Spirits of the Dark Abyss,
Thee who don the Masks of Earths Gods,
I am Enchanted as a Light in the Dark,
Illuminated Rays ever searching for You.

Fiery Serpent of Wisdom I call forth to You,
Mighty Angel of the Absolute,
O' Sacred King of the Witch-Blood True,
To the Land of Man Thou hast Come as
the Leader of the Way,
Let Thine Blessed Radiance impregnate this Red Clay.

I look forward into the Past,
I awaken the Soul of my Ancestor Qayin,
I bring to light the Hidden Wisdom of Midnight's Gods,
O' Gates of mine own Self be open!

O' Light of the Soul,
O' Brilliance of the Spirit,
Forever Shimmering is the Light of the Peacock Angel,
Descending from the Heavens to Earth to Embrace
the Flesh of the Existent.

Wisdom and Truth of the Light I seek,
Ever to be found in the Gnosis of I,
Self-Knowledge of Mine Ever-Changing Ways,
Forever swirling about the Point,
As an Un-Earthed Treasure ever abiding in the Dark.

Sacred Fire of the Most High shine from Within,
Illuminate the Mind of the Wise with the Vision of the Eternal,
O' Secret Light cast by Witches Fire,
O' Secret Light cast by Sorcerer's Pyre,
Burn bright, grow high, forever alight in the Mind's Eye.

By Patrick J. Larabee

Looking into the World

By Patrick J. Larabee

An Invokation of the Mother of the Night

Ah Lilith! Drinker of the Blood of the Clay-Born. I invoke Thee with Heart and Soul and Mind! As Self reaches out to embrace the Other, so my Words make manifest the Essential-Spirit-Flame that is Thy Being!

Unto Thee I sacrifice all that is profane, that the Light of Self may shine forth in brilliance. Drink deep the Blood of those who seek darkness and illusion. I am a Hermit whose path is shown by the Light of the Lantern whose Flame was kindled from the One Star!

Ah Lilith! Queens of the Gods, whom in I are reflected as the Colours of the Peacock's Feather. In the Dark Desert Thou hast chosen to wander in Exile, outside the known Boundaries of the World! In the Battle with the Enemy Thy Wisdom has struck all things down!

As You chose, so do I choose: that no law of man or god shall stand in the Way of mine Illumination! I shall transcend all that hinders my Will, and overcome all obstacles in the Path of Self!

Ah Lilith! Lady of the Starry Heavens, and Mother of the Wiseblooded Cunning-folk sprung forth from the Seed of Cain. I call out to Thee in the Desolate Places of Wilderness: let Thy Spirit of Fire emanate from above and illuminate the Earthly Circle of mine own Arte!

Blessed Goddess of the Dark Moon: in whose Glory is Thy Mystery Concealed. Hidden, yet known: in the Desires of Man is Your Face shown! Mysterium of the Moon, Gateway of Desire, Opener of the Womb and the Mother of Spirits! I beseech Thee that into this Circle Thy Lumina Thou shoulds't cast: I the Point and You the Path.

Ah Lilith! Queen of the Earth and Mistress to the Creatures of Midnight's Domain:

As the Silent Owl in the Dark of Night, so I: the Light of Wisdom in the Darkness of the World!

As the Black Cat by the Light of the Moon, so I: the Eyes to see Heaven's Light upon Black Earth!

As the Serpent that emerges from its Place of Slumber, so I: the Self that awakens to the Cry of the Elder Gods!

As the Black Dog that guards the Gates of Gnosis, so I: the Star that forever Lights the Way!

By Lily-Baalit-Lilith-Lillitu! Forever in the Kingdom of the Wise! So Mote It Be!

By Patrick J. Larabee

Baphomet: God of Witches, God of Wisdom

By Patrick J. Larabee

The Four Knockings: An Entreaty Unto the Spirits of Arte

The First for the Land itself,
the Rocks of the Ground,
the Stone and Flint of the Earth,
to Sands and Soils from the Seven Lands of the World,
to the Dust of the Desert and the Moist of the Mire,
to the Lowland Valley and the Crowned Crag,
to the Monumental Mountains whom in
their Magnificence remind of Titan Times,
to you the Gnomes and to you the Dwarves
whom hew the Sacred Earth Light,
to Crystal Stars of Deepest Caverns Black,
to the Emeralds and Jewel-stones of the
Hidden Treasures of the Serpent,
and to the All Potent Terra Firma of
the Elder Gods.

To Thee I this Offering surrender:
May I ever grow in the Ways of the Wise-Arts
and the Compact between I, a Child of the Serpent, and
the Spirits of Sethos-True wax strong.

To the Waters of the World,
the Rivers and Streams that nourish the Earth,
and to the Rains of Heaven and the Water of Life,
to each Aqueous Tributary,
each and every one a Skein of Light,
each Glorious Pool in Sun or in Cover of Night,
to every Alluring Lake and Enchanted Pond,
and to the Blessed Undine therein,
to each Elemental Entity and Watery Wight,
to the Waters of Gaea both Deep and Shallow,
to the Twain Power of the Nourishing and the Stagnant,
to the Life Womb of the Ocean blue,
and unto the Hidden Fount of Elphame true.

To Thee I this Offering surrender:
May I ever grow in the Ways of the Wise-Arts
and the Compact between I, a Child of the Serpent, and
the Spirits of Sethos-True wax strong.

To you the Aires and Gale of Force,
to Storm both Fierce and Frail,
to the Blowing Breeze and Wailing Wind,
to the Saintly Skies and the Firmament of Space,
to Aethyric Atmosphere O' Mighty Current of Air,
to the Hurricane, the Howling Wind and Tempest,
the Highwinds of Heaven and the Watchers all,
to the Slythe Sylphs and the Spirits of Place,
to the Blessed Blowing that does from the Empyrean fall,
to the Cyclone and Whirlwinds of Power,
to Horrid Torrent that does from the Underworld call,
and to the Breath of Life that sustains the All.

To Thee I this Offering surrender:
May I ever grow in the Ways of the Wise-Arts
and the Compact between I, a Child of the Serpent, and
the Spirits of Sethos-True was strong.

The Second for the Green and the Verdant,
to the Kingdoms of Leaf and Wood,
of Seed and Bud that brings forth Fruit,
to Flourishing Flowers in all Earth's Lands,
to the Bush, the Herb and the Foliage,
to the Verdure of Life below
and the Canopy of Forest above,
the Fertile Fields of Farm and Fold,
to the Woodland and the Woodwose,
to the Seedling just sown and
the Tree of Knowledge before our time,
the Holy Gnosis of Heaven Thou dost share
and in secret Man's Burden help bare,
to the Sacred and Blessed Sylvan Spirits,
to the Emerald Energy of the Fae forever resplendant,
to the Dryad Spirits and the Nymph, Elf and Naead,
and unto the Garden True from which our Ancestors
Cain and Calmena grew.

To Thee I this Offering surrender:
May I ever grow in the Ways of the Wise-Arts
and the Compact between I, a Child of the Serpent, and
the Spirits of Sethos-True wax strong.

To the Wild and Tameless,
to the Horn'd Beasts of the Forest and the Field,
to the Mighty Stag King and Serpent Cunning,
to the Crawling Creature and the Flying Friend,
the Sacred Flora and Fauna of the Sun Blessed Land,
to the Subtle Hare and the Silent Owl of the Night,
to all the Beasts and to all the Wild Life of the World,
the Fur-bound, the Hide-bound and the Scale-bound,
to the Wilderness where the Divine Light is to be found,
to the Legacy of the Goat and his Kin,
for the Fire of the Absolute that burns within,
to the Sharp of Tooth and to the Butterfly,
to the Master's Flame that draws us ever
nigh to the Woodland Bower.

To Thee I this Offering surrender:
May I ever grow in the Ways of the Wise-Arts
and the Compact between I, a Child of the Serpent, and
the Spirits of Sethos-True wax strong.

The Third for They who have Gone afore,
to They who Sleep within the Earthen Floor,
to Familial Lines that run like Threads through the Land,
the Spirits of the Dead and the Spirits of the Unborn,
to Cunning Men and Wise Women of the Times before
and the Wisdom and Knowledge they gathered through Aethyric Doors,
to the Silent Memory of Atavistic Forms,
to the Wardens Past of both the Garden Ground and the Wild Earth,
to the Revelry of Sabbaths Round passed down
and the Light of the Most High cast down upon the Indigo Children,
to the Sacred Traditions and Teachings,
the Old Priests and Priestesses of the Eldritch Ways,
to the Ancestors True and the Dead's Spirit Light,
to the Understanding gathered through the Will of Might,
to the Lore of the Ancients running through Time
ever to Empower the Present Moment,
to the Memory of the Mothers and the Fathers
within whom I wast wrought,
to Custom from Ancient Forebears brought,
to ALL that I am NOW as the Consequence of THEE,
to the Holy Blood within my Veins
and to the Holy Light within my Sight,
to all who Descend from the Heritage of Qayin,
to the Spirits of the Bones bless'd by Lumael Radiant and Bright,
to Them whom from the Tree took the Fruit and Ate,
Themselves to Immolate.

To Thee I this Offering surrender:
May I ever grow in the Ways of the Wise-Arts
and the Compact between I, a Child of the Serpent, and
the Spirits of Sethos-True wax strong.

The Fourth is for the Living Flesh and Blood
to the Living whom Walk upon the Land,
to They who have taken up the Bloodied Thread of the Mother,
ever to Walk in the Light of Lilith's Night,
to the Sons and Daughters of the Woodland -Wise
and the Stewards of the Field and Farm,
to the Keepers of the Forest and Grove,
to They who still call upon the Old Gods
and follow the Crooked Paths,
to the Children of the Fiery Serpent of Gnosis,
to They who have kept the Secret secret
and to the Blessed and the Wise,
to each Wise Woman, Wytch, Sorcerer and Cunning Man,
to the Priest and Priestess of the Wytchan Way,
to the Shaman who Flies the World Tree
and the Magician who Fashions the Void,
to the Walkers between the Worlds,
to Them who go Beyond the Hedge for Wisdom to gain,
to the Wisdom-Keepers and the Bearers of Knowledge,
to the Living Kin of Cain to whom Transgression is
the Word and to the Children of the Children of Heaven,
to the Antient Cultus living in the Body of the Wise,
to Cultivate, to Protect, to Perfect the Secret Light,
the Wisdom of the Wise to pass down,
to They who stand as the Living Truth of the
Legacy of Lumael and to They who are
Marked-True the Offspring of the Elder Gods.

To Thee I this Offering surrender:
May I ever grow in the Ways of the Wise-Arts
and the Compact between I, a Child of the Serpent, and
the Spirits of Sethos-True wax strong.

By Patrick J. Larabee

The Secret Seal of Solomon

By Patrick J. Larabee