20 December, 2012

Delineations of the darkness....

Mandrake: The Death Light

Penetrate Peroketh: Da'athian Ingression

The Serpent in the Tree of Knowledge

The Aureole of Qayin

The Sacred Heart of Death

The Umbrageous Idol of the Grim Garden

"I am an immeasurable immensity - spacious spiritual-field - incarnating via the matrix of time and space: assumption of reality through usurping the flesh; all body is my body and may be taken when desire deems the dream to be in its favour. To live is to die, to dream is to be; but if thou dream, dream beyond that which you can conceive - I am the imagination of God(s)-head and through me all is possibility, for I am the dreamer of the dream and once dream't is reified as reality. Darkness externalizing flashes of omni-sentient phosphorescence, as a breath(ing) exhaled and inhaled to create and erect the illusion of separation: individuality created for the sake of immolation - the grand sacrifice of self to Self, for self is Self-begotten!"

~ Verse 8, Spectral Effigies: A Vulvic Trans-Missionary

* All images and written work © Patrick John Larabee. Not to be used without permission.

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